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  1. At this point you're not worth talking to then.
  2. When the alternatives being brought up are people like Eddie Howe, I can. He's a good manager at the least ambitious club in the league. Teams come up and spend £100m~ net in a window and since he's arrived we've spent about £16m net, it's embarrassing. I'm not for a second saying he doesn't have his negatives, but just step back and look at what he's working with. I'd rather not put that on somebody like Eddie Howe who spent a shit load and couldn't spot a good player.
  3. The funniest part is how many people in here think we can do better than Ralph with this squad/budget. Clueless.
  4. Weird stat about Che but he's actually in the top 10 for chances created in the Prem this season. Behind only Bruno, KDB, Grealish, Kane, Son, Robertson & Rodriguez. I still think he's a good player and he brings a lot to the team outside of scoring goals, he's just in a bit of a bad spell just like everybody else. I think he's an absolutely ludicrous one to give up on, with some of the others we're watching.
  5. Agreed. Think we'll definitely get one of Vestergaard/KWP, with Stephens at RB if it's Vest. Got my fingers crossed for Romeu as well, as there really isn't any other option for that position that I can think of?
  6. You'd like to assume they may overturn Bednarek's ban? I'm not sure... couldn't have a much better chance to instantly turn it around as they are shit.
  7. Loaning out a defender who was in the squad for our past 5 games, with little to no existing depth, where injuries have gotten worse and we appear not to have even had a player lined up to bring in. That's incredible, even for us.
  8. Athletic proving to be about as useful as The Sun at the moment. Tanganga staying according to Mourinho and Bournemouth manager calling King talk nothing as well.
  9. I'd be happy with both, but just Gilmour would be disappointing. Would pretty much confirm we're using JWP as LB/RB backup for the season and we can't afford to do that.
  10. That's fucking crazy. They must've decided it's come off of his hip first.
  11. We now don't have an option for our game tomorrow that we had for the last, despite already being worryingly thin squad depth wise. But you knew this anyway, not sure why I'm bothering.
  12. Because he literally played three days ago because we had no other options. Until we bring somebody in, it is strange, quite obviously.
  13. Vokins heading out on loan surely confirms somebody. Can't see the appeal for AMN to join us seeing as he'd just be back-up LB/RB/CDM. Obviously makes him a brilliant signing for us, just can't see why he'd choose us over West Brom.
  14. Wolves have been an absolute state since Jimenez has been down. Unless that Willian Jose makes an immediate impact after joining today, we should go in expecting to win.
  15. Typical Shane Long action really, would've been a harsh pen.
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