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  1. Can’t help but agree with this as well. I can see a similar format to the Wolves game here. An early goal for us completely changes the picture however, like at Turf Moor last year.
  2. To be a bit needlessly doom and gloom, it was a little worrying to see us create such few chances yet again. If we played as bad as Leeds did in that first half yesterday we'd have been 3/4 down at HT. Hoping Stu coming back will help it out, thought he looked good when he came on.
  3. A late, enthusiastic tackle proving his commitment shows his head is not right? 🤨
  4. All the collective optimism and excitement I’ve been building up over the morning to be nullified at 2pm when Walcott and Redmond start.
  5. It certainly just got a lot more interesting as Leeds have no Bamford, Ayling or Koch. With Raphinha and Phillips both being huge doubts due to travel and injury. Suddenly becomes a must win.
  6. I feel like six points would be disappointing from that. I think we should be aiming for 3 wins at least.
  7. I don't trust our board to replace him. I'd always rather watch us go for it and have a chance against the big teams as we've proven. If we bring in another anti-football manager who has an equal/lesser chance of staying up just for the sake of change then I'll be disappointed.
  8. I completely agree that we judge him after 10. If we don't pick up 4 points at the very minimum then I'll be Ralph out as well. Should be getting two wins.
  9. I completely agree, but he's still better than the alternatives.
  10. Super frustrating that JWP misses those next three games. Other than that I don't think there's that much to complain about with that game.
  11. Had to get a terrible VAR call in our favour in a game we’re gonna lose anyway.
  12. Feels like a predictable one where we’ll have a few chances, look decent, but ultimately play into their hands and concede a 2nd/3rd on the counter.
  13. If we’re doing the whole Forster/McCarthy thing again then there isn’t a way on earth that Forster makes that save against City.
  14. I’ve given Romeu a load of shit recently but he was excellent today. He was so good at the stuff he’s usually poor at. There was a moment later in the game where the ball was played to him and KDB pressed him and he feinted to take the ball in stride as calm as you like. Hard to say anyone (almost) was poor but Bednarek, Salisu, Livramento, Romeu and Elyounoussi were all too class.
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