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  1. Djenepo has managed 2 PL goals and we only signed him last year. Boufal was signed in 2016 and has only manged 3.... Boufal has been a colossal waste of money. £12m in transfer fee and another £10m in wages all for the grand total of 3 PL goals. Sims is by no means a world beater and is very probably not PL level but does anyone think if he was given the games that Boufal has he could have done worse than 3 PL goals (and for a fraction of the cost).
  2. What exactly is that option? A player with zero defensive ability so you wouldn't bring him on if winning a game and a player who, statistically, has an all but zero % chance of scoring a goal or providing an assist. You could could put me on the bench and get both of those....
  3. LD has nothing to do with Chairman Gao. For a start he doesn't have any money of his own, he had to take personal loans to buy the club in the first place and he could always put in the amounts LD was meant to be and still be well within FFP rules. The only plausible explanation for the whole sorry saga is that this was a form of Chinese government funding given as a type of oversees investment grant. It was given last year, but due to the worsening relations between their government and ours was stopped for this year. As LD Sports is not an actual company there was no contract hence why the club has nothing it can do in legal terms. What a mess. No doubt this has cost the club millions.
  4. I was always of the belief that Lienherr was nowhere near the billionaire some of the paper made out. In fact I would say that the majority of her wealth today came from the sale of SFC.
  5. The new CotE has illegally invaded another country? How rude of him.
  6. Better that than a Trot eh?
  7. If you have Virgin cable internet it won't be a bandwidth issue but try the Firestick and see what it's like tonight. It was way better for me on Apple TV than watching through the app on my Smart TV.
  8. Were you watching through the app on a Smart TV?
  9. The problem is your end and not Amazon. We've had the same issue watching the tennis and last night's football on the Amazon app on a Samsung smart tv. As you say it was a poor quality, almost hazy and a bit jerky. However, I plugged in an Apple TV box and watched through that and the picture quality was the same as usually on Sky Sports and BT Sport. I think the issue is using the app on Smart TVs which seems ok for movies but not for sport.
  10. The beef burger doesn't have much meat in it.
  11. Did I read that he hasn't actually been charged with anything?
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