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  1. You've really bought into the club's 17th position = success mantra haven't you. It wasn't that long ago we were pushing for Europe but now one win from 8 is a decent start.....
  2. We've played 8 PL games and won 1 boys! Open top bus parade?
  3. Adams and Armstrong (The AA) will be terrorising defences in the Championship next season. It shows just how far we've fallen in the past few years from where our front 3 was Tadic, Mane and Pelle to where it is now with Armstrong, Adams and Redmond.
  4. Judging from recent year's accounts, yes.
  5. And there you have it. Semmens and his crew, with their sole long term objective of remaining on the PL gravy train have won the battle when even fans start talking about doing well 'commercially' rather than on the pitch.
  6. Do what? Not play him at LB. That's what KWP is being forced to do in the PL.
  7. Why would we not have any money to replace him? if we stay up the PL gravy train stops again. Next Summer's priority would be a new striker just as this one's was a LB (who we don't play - lols).
  8. No. It's relegation which will be be catastrophic for the club financially. Losing Ings makes this scenario far more likely.
  9. Plenty of players want to leave clubs but aren't allowed to. Ask Kane. I doubt it was Ings' lifelong dream to play for..... Aston Villa. If we had kept him I'm sure he would have knuckled down and played to the best of his ability, safe in the knowledge that he would be receiving a massive signing bonus as a free agent with his next club.
  10. Who was still on the bench yesterday. No issue with the Livermento buy, it was for not a huge sum but I wouldn't be starting him in front of KWP. The other Summer transfers all seem to be doing nothing to contribute to us staying up this season.
  11. Of course. What sane fan wouldn't? For Ings alone. Yesterday showed that a match between two poor teams can always be won by a quality striker. We're weaker at CB, LB and striker than last year and still have no CM cover. Livermento has done well at RB but that was just about the only position we didn't need to worry about!
  12. This amazing transfer window the half-fullists were raving about seems to have been the loss of one of the top 5 strikers in the country, our startng LB and our best CB and replacing with... A LB we blew most of our budget on but now aren't playing A young RB when we already had a VERY good RB Another Championship level striker A CB nowhere near playing at PL level and some kids from the Academies of Chelsea and Everton
  13. He seems an absolute nutter more concerned about becoming a cult hero. What's the spreadbet on how long before he headbutts JWP in training and has to go away somewhere.....
  14. We sold our first choice CB to a club chasing the CL. We replaced with a 4th choice 'project' and gambled we could bank the difference in transfer fees. It's a very dangerous strategy when this season is all about staying up.
  15. 3 GREAT reasons why, if you have £7m to spend on a player needed to keep us up this season, you don't sign him....
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