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  1. Minsk

    Interest in JWP

    Yep. If White = £50m and Grealish = £90m then JWP should, at least, = £70m.
  2. Generally, I agree with most that you post. However, on this occasion: Attackers: Ings - Adams - Obafemi - Long - Walcott - Tella - Redmond - Armstrong - Djenepo - Elyounoussi = 10 for 4 starting places 6's: JWP - Romeu - Diallo = 3 for 2 starting places (after that you have to include Armstrong, which takes him away from his best position of being a 10) Then there is Smallbone, when he is fit, who I think is also more of a 10 than a 6. Looking at the squad like this I can easily see how a 6 is needed over an attacker. Give me a choice now of signing Delaney or Adam A
  3. Before signing any players waste a significant chunk of available funds in sacking/paying off the manager and all coaches. Any managerial/coaching replacements must have never been sacked by any other club ever as well as being currently employed at another club, meaning we will have to spend more of the transfer funds in compensation.
  4. According to another link you posted, it looks like we are asking £20m for Vestergaard. If that's the case, I really can't see us accepting anything less than £35m for Ings - nor should we. Plus, on this occasion (unlike Hojberg last summer) I actually believe Danny when he says he only wants to leave to play 'at a higher level' - i.e. at a club in with a shout a regularly being in the CL. Therefore, unless Utd, City, Liverpool or Chelsea are willing to pay what we want this summer I can see him staying for the coming season. Of course, there will always be a possibility of him moving on
  5. Agreed. I expect Vesty's probable departure is why we have been trying to get Saliba on loan. Unfortunately, looks like he will be heading to France for the year. But a back 4 of KWP-Saliba-Salisu-Perraut would at least be very mobile. Still don't get why many people think we will sell Ings for £20m. Sounds like £20m is the least we are asking for Vest. No way we will price both of them the same. Huge difference between the two. We shouldn't sell Ings for any less than £40m this summer; maybe take £25m for him in January, if we must. Would be happy for us to let him do a Bertrand and
  6. Thanks for that. Very good read. Quite excited by this signing and really looking forward to seeing him play in a Saints shirt.
  7. Back in the day I used to play LB, RB or DM. I could use either foot (really bugs me that some professionals can't) but with a bit more accuracy in the left and could generate more power with the right. I was good at winning the ball and passing it to others who could do more with it. I wasn't too shabby at putting crosses in (for the level I played at) and took a decent corner too. Just a pity the level I played at was pretty shit! 🤣🤣 Shame about us not wanting to make a move for Delaney. I like what I've seen of him. Maehle would be a dream, but I fear that ship has long since sail
  8. As with Saints matches, I prefer to concentrate on the game and not look at the pessimistic shite posted on here in match threads. Then, after a well deserved victory, it is always amusing to read all that the forum experts posted. I'm sure some is purely just pessimism, whilst desperately hoping for the opposite outcome; but I am also sure there is an equal measure of people really thinking they know more about football than those who have made a career, and a very good living, in the game. The latter of these generally tend to be the 'I'm always right in my opinion' type of person - who will
  9. Given how he was tinkering with the formation at the end of the season, and the statement that we will see much more of Salisu next season, maybe Ralph is thinking of going 3-4-3/5-3-2 next season? In any event, it will be nice to have good attacking fullbacks on both flanks.
  10. Minsk

    Interest in JWP

    Post of the summer thus far Sue!
  11. I fully get all you're saying and really can't find fault with much of it. Being ex-RN I have many friends from all corners of these isles. We always have great banter over sports, especially football and rugby. I have also lived in Glasgow a couple of times and spent a few days on the razz with the Tartan Army when Scotland played Belarus in Minsk (even though I openly admitted to supporting Belarus in the match, in support of my wife, her family and our friends). Only a very small minority are rabidly anti-English, and they were always put in their box by their fellow Scots. Was ch
  12. Some very dire performances there. Phillips as bad tonight as he was good against Croatia, everything backwards. Foden played well and was rewarded with being the first to be subbed off. Oh well, another 0-0 draw (or any draw) against the Czechs and we go through in 2nd place - leaving the Czechs to face Germany, Portugal or France in the next round.
  13. Pretty much this. Thought Phillips was MoM, followed by Sterling. I don't rate Mings at all but he had a very good game today. I wasn't impressed to see Trippier starting at LB ahead of Shaw, but understand the reasoning for it and proved to be the right call. That said, would like to see Shaw start against Scotland with Trippier moving to RB. Walker made some decent tackles and interceptions today but couldn't pass the ball for toffee.
  14. Restarting in 5 minutes. The 20.30 was Central Europe time.
  15. Match being restarted at 20.30.
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