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  1. I saw an interview with them last week (might have been on the BBC2 show, after House of Games) and said to my daughter that they appeared to be sat VERY close together (with his arm around her). Good lad!
  2. Just maybe, as I posted above, Ralph has man-managed him perfectly? Easing him in with game time where appropriate before handing him a full debut which Ralph admitted himself 'he grabbed with both hands'. Very happy for Armando. Well done to Ralph too, for the way he has managed him. I doubt we would be seeing the same result had Ralph thrown him straight in at Everton, when he wasn't ready....... Oh, and please quote all these posters who have stated that he's 'not in the same league as AA and Che because he is raw and has so much to learn'. I must have missed them.
  3. The quoted post of mine above is one I posted on the Livramento thread a few weeks ago. No one has bothered responding to it. Maybe you will, on here? In short, it asks which matches Ralph should have 'experimented' with Tino at RM and KWP at RB (obviously, therefore, with Perraud at LB). We have, of course, played 2 more matches since the original question was posed. 1 won; drew 1. Can you guarantee we wouldn't have lost either without Tino at RB? (Yes, I know he was at fault for their first goal yesterday, but he was also MoM for most - playing at RB.) Further to that, may I ask - if Ralph d
  4. This matches my views exactly. That starting 11 but with Arma replacing Theo would have been my pick. At half time I was really hoping Ralph would switch it to that. And kept calling for it to happen right up until Theo was withdrawn. Wasn't too disappointed it was for Stuey, but he did still look off the pace. Would like to see him start and get an hour under his belt in midweek. We can use 5 subs in that match so Ralph might be tempted.
  5. I hated myself for typing it, but want to keep Tino/Perraud fresh for Watford. And certainly don't want Tino getting burnt out. So maybe KWP at RB and Small in at LB? Or KWP and Perraud. Don't want Moussa at LB. Think Ralph might play Valery though.
  6. Forster Valery Bednarek Salisu KWP Romeu Diallo S.Armstrong Djenepo A.Armstrong Adams
  7. Disappointed not to get the win, but a draw better than a defeat. 2 missed sitters and the one off the post would say we edged the match/chances. Hey ho, it could be worse.... And at least this will give the whingers something to gripe about...
  8. Ah, right. So you're unhappy that we signed Livramento......... 🙄
  9. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/89664/Southampton_vs_Burnley.html
  10. He has been playing, and he will play more. Guarantee he will start against Chelsea in midweek. It's a loooong season. Maybe you would be happier if we didn't play Tino and he wanted to leave instead?
  11. Maybe we are going to play 4-2-3-1 for some of the match? If not, and it is the usual 4-2-2-2, all of Redders, Theo and Mo can play alongside Broja or on either side.
  12. Nothing hypocritical in this post then.... Complaining about players being used out of their usual/best position and then put a young player who has only ever played at RB in the premier league (and that for all of 8 matches) in at RM...... just so you can squeeze him, KWP and Perraud into your starting 11. News flash, KWP played at LB a number of times for Spurs previously (yes, even under Pochettino) and has performed that role for us very well when asked, except for one occasion - against Wolves. But hey, you keep banging that drum if it makes you feel better. 🙄
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