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  1. Youve posted nearly 6,000 times on a thread about Pompey??? WTF
  2. Days like today must hurt the skates. Away at United while they entertain Bury lol, pmsl, wtf
  3. Talk of the glory days are embarrassing. Its not like the won 5-6 prem titles and took Europe by storm. They had 2 years of mid-table finishes and an FA cup win – would not swap that for the 4 seasons they have just had + the next 5-10 years in the wilderness 2004-05 – finished 16th 2005-06 – finished 17th 2006-07 – finished 9th 2007-08 – finished 8th Won FA Cup 2008-09 – finished 14th 2009-10 – finished bottom (relegated from Prem) 2010 – 11 – finished 16th (Championship) 2011-12 – finished 22nd (relegated from championship) 2012-13 – finished bottom (relegated from L1) 2013 –
  4. What kinda £'s do they owe for CVA ect?
  5. They owe ex players £6.7m but have £9m to come in via premiership. Thats enough to cover and leave a decent chunk for rainy days
  6. Prem parachute payments will cover it??
  7. Monthly repayments are about £131k not including all the one offs
  8. Ouch! Thought this thred should have been locked a long time ago. This gives it a licience to run for 3 more years minimum. They must have just paid about £1.4m to cover the lump sums owed on Aug 30. Ouch, ouch, ouch
  9. trousers, dubai P, pedg and oldnick have posted on this thread over 12,000 x (14% of total posts) between them......... chances are they will know the answer to this. Post count - Trousers = 5,395 dubai_phil = 2,652 pedg = 2,312 OldNick = 1,854 Total = 12,213
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