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  1. Goodbye good riddance #drinkdriver
  2. 12 reasons why i dont give a **** about Mopo!! 1) win % is very poor 2) no loyalty 3) had his head turned by 1st club showing any interest 4) doesnt/ wont speak English 5) never shown any love for club or fans 6) FA cup 7) one style, no plan B 8 ) hes easily replaceable 9) we have an amazing squad - any manager could have got us to 8th 10) he's a moody / ungrateful **** 11) £6m a year 12) hes won nothing as a manager The end
  3. http://www.whoscored.com/Regions/252/Tournaments/2/Seasons/3853/Stages/7794/PlayerStatistics/England-Premier-League-2013-2014 Dont use this.... Has Coutinho rated higher than Adam. Perhaps dont argue at all? Unless you really believe what youre debating?
  4. http://www.nottinghamforest.co.uk/news/article/fox-agrees-permanent-switch-1544503.aspx
  5. Players want to earn money and win medals...... Le Tissier is the oerfect example - superb player but won nothing. He must regret that now. There was rumours of a large bust-up / arguement after that FA cup final exit, you can understand why.
  6. 115 posts of Pap "not caring either way"
  7. Barry didnt you meet up with Pap? He seems obsessed with you since then....? You clearly made an impression on him
  8. He has till the end of May to make his mind up Glad the board are finally forcing the issue, not just allowing mopo to sit and wait and see if better offer comes along
  9. all the best ITKs dont post anymore and you can see why........
  10. we seem to have posters meeting / chatting with the owners and management on a daily basis - Im sure one of them cant ask them and verify you could then apologise.... but of course you wont
  11. to decide future...... you heard it here 1st
  12. You are obsessed with Adkins - let it go mate, he left a long time ago. Has a single club said they want Mopo?? Nope Agent work clear and simple
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