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  1. First time listening to Tessem tonight - enjoyed his bluntness about some poor moments. Other stuff will come with experience.
  2. Semmens said we'd recruit if Vestergaard left. I trust we will, but I don't fancy our chances of getting someone good enough to really sort things out.
  3. We'd better get a bloody good centre half before the window shuts.
  4. First game optimism always gets you, doesn't it. *unless you support Everton
  5. Semmens said at the fan forum that we'd recruit if Vestergaard left. The question is whether we go for a starter or a kid - and whether we succeed, of course.
  6. No, me neither. You're probably right but we've all heard the chants of 'you let your country down' before. I just hope they're a thing of the past. Doubt Rashford and co would get that treatment off the bat but if they win a contentious penalty or something, who knows? Sterling gets booed all over the place already, including at St Mary's.
  7. They're not other teams, they're England. That's my team and presumably yours. I'm talking mostly about the boys who missed penalties and need the support that Southgate didn't get in 96. A round of applause would be nice - we do the same for some former Saints so I don't see the problem. But most important is not to boo. We want to win the next tournament and we want them to help.
  8. Just came here to say that we should cheer the England players when their names are called at St Mary's next season. I'll be so bummed if I hear 'you let your country down', as fans have sung at past England players.
  9. It makes sense if you accept the premise that he won't play. I find that premise very odd, given the circumstances.
  10. And he's not even sulky! He can be quite serious, but he's a real professional.
  11. If he and the club saw eye to eye he wouldn't be going public, saying it was in the club's hands and talking about how many years he had 'left in him'. Sounds like he's angling for a longer contract, as he's entitled to do. Be interested to know how many years each side is proposing.
  12. Did any of you read the Guardian's cover piece on Pompey today? It was quite emotive. Obviously I'm no fan of the team but really feel for the people of the city at the moment, and the club's making a big difference there. Some 37,000 people being affected by their outreach. Well worth a read!
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