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  1. No urgency or fight and no Plan B tactically.
  2. Either get Tella on second half for Redmond or get Jankewitz on for Redmond and move Armstrong out wide.
  3. Players are so weak mentally and have been for a long time and unfortunately it is down to the manager and coaching staff to instill a strong mentality in the squad which they have failed to do.
  4. Made it so easy for Newcastle to defend once they went down to 10. All too slow and too central, no attempt to pull them wide and create gaps. Redondo had zero business staying on for 90 minutes. On the other hand Newcastle showed the spirit and bottle we lack to win that, if the roles were reversed we would have been slaughtered.
  5. All seems to be leading to us selling him in the summer for less than we paid to get him. Unfortunate, but only 12 months left on his contract come summer time, we are going to be in no position to play hardball on negotiations.
  6. A player from Swindon's academy tweeted that he has joined Southampton today, perhaps this is the player having a medical today as mentioned by K Billy?
  7. Eastleigh 2-0 up, with the team above them losing 1-0, meaning Eastleigh could be top of the Conference South with 2 games in hand. Pompey v Eastleigh derby next season looking more likely than every.
  8. If you search "the **** with the bell" on Wikipedia it automatically redirects to his page
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