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  1. Just over 2 years ago, I got up from my chair on my patio and promptly fell over. On getting up again, I realised that I had a stroke, and could not make it anywhere without the support of a wall. My wife was on the case immediately and went to call an ambulance. Straight away I thought, well that's a grand or more straight away and the hospital is only half a mile away. Drive me there but phone ahead........After that, during 2 weeks of attention in hospital, my thoughts were always about how to pay for the mountain of stuff that insurance does not cover even after the initial $5000 deductib
  2. It WAS an awful lot of gumballs though!
  3. Yeah, earlier this morning, CNN presented a graphical illustration with jars of gumballs so that Americans might comprehend the numbers.
  4. I remember a post before the 2016 election by LV Saint (Which I agreed with) That while he didn't want to see Trump win the election, there was a small part inside him that hoped he would, just for the shitz and giggles. Even after all that has happened in the last few years, while most of me is totally appalled at how this experiment turned out, another part of me is grateful for the ride. This was not like watching a train wreck, it was more like having a seat directly behind the lunatic driver of a jet powered death train with a fear activated hand grenade under the seat. The
  5. Desperate for a goal here. I'm officially offer a free BJ to Danny for a goal.
  6. Just wasting one of my three posts to mention that it totally sucks that I cant pay by paypal. They clearly dont want my five quid.
  7. If we are gonna get a goal here, we will need to score twice with the same shot. Edit. THEO!!!
  8. It seems to me that the VAR is veering away from strict interpretation of the rules and they are now trying to interpret intentions, feelings, spiritual flows etc. and aligning their feelings with the phase of the moon and alignment of the planets.
  9. http://www.sportstreamz.xyz/soccer3//index.html
  10. I only get 3 posts a day because my credit card blocks overseas payments for subscriptions automatically, so I'll be buggared if I'll waste this post. Rwanda? Yeah, right!
  11. If we can win by 7 goals we stand a chance at finishing the week on top.
  12. My mother in law is one of those deluded Trump supporters that believe the election was rigged. I'm wondering what the jail time is for kicking a 90 year old woman in the twat.
  13. He tweeted today that he one the election by a landslide!! 😄
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