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  1. MOM for me was Ings. Not for scoring his pen, but his total selflessness surrendering decent chances in order to try to provide for Che. Maybe he was not the best player today, but he was certainly the best sportsman.
  2. A fantastic run to end our season
  3. If Bompey saty up, would have to dig up Lou Reed to sing Perfect Day
  4. Top of the bottom half is fine by me., better than bottom of the top half
  5. Beautiful poaching by Adams. Also, we don't seem so easily dispirited these days!!
  6. Our new kit could be playing bnetter
  7. I wouldnt wanna be one of that lot today
  8. https://soccerlegacy.net/premier-league/southampton-vs-sheffield-united currently working (scroll down to second video
  9. Screw the haters, given Saint's safety and Bournemouth's relegation plight, I was firmly, and without ambiguity on the fence with this one. Bompey have contributed enough to deserve to stay up over some very average rivals. Don't get me wrong, I still cheered Saints goals, but it hurt somewhat as I've always liked that town down the road, but obvious;y, they are pretty much doomed now and I just feel a bit sad about that.
  10. Someone posted this, its a good one http://hockeynews.site/events/2020/sout-vs-bha/
  11. If I ever have another daughter, I'm gonna name her Danny Fucking Ings
  12. Stream is back...um..Yay I suppose
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