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  1. I always used to think that dropping the stripes would be the end of the Earth. Then I thought, hey those sashes are kinda cool. Today, I just need to see us winn home and away dressed in bin bags if it works for us. A fictitious conversation from my youth: Me: hey! I finally shagged Sarah last night! Friend: get in there! What were you wearing?
  2. Dammit!!!! So many games all of a sudden, I missed this one
  3. He's already pre-alleged voter fraud and interference. He will have to leave the office for a round of golf, just change the side the door hangs, he'll never figure it out.
  4. I cant hear the match, I'm just guessing there was a pallet fire?
  5. They'll never learn to write in this amount of time.
  6. Their face and a fishes twat? I dunno, the possibilities are endless
  7. Subhuman scum lives matter
  8. All this speculation reminds me why Matt was our best ever player by a country mile. Loyalty like his was beyond price, and way beyond reasonable expectations. I can only dream of a situation arising like that with Ings.
  9. I have a feeling the story will pan out to be true. If it does, it will be a cataclysm In both countries....I would hope.
  10. I remember when JWPs free kicks were always exciting but never, ever went in.
  11. I just came inside to watch it on the big telly and we scored..............You're welcome.
  12. 1-0 is ALWAYS too tight for us
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