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  1. Absolutely! I Went from who cares to strident atheist in under a year after arriving here. Nothing changed in my beliefs, they simply became suddenly important to my general well being. In america we are accused of being aggressive shit stirrers, when in reality we are trying to resist a problem in the minds of others that should not even exist.
  2. Google assistant keeps calling me Susan just because I told it that was my name when I set it up. Jesus, Google, get a sense of humour, don't simply assume I lead an alternative lifestyle........please though, don't stop with the makeup tips.
  3. Jesus fucking Christ, duct tape is shit! There, the title of the thread nailed in just one sentence.
  4. Even before the match I was like, well, but it's not the World cup
  5. Losing a final on penalties does not validate your idiotic statement that Southgate is clueless.
  6. I get what you are saying, but it ain't working for me
  7. Bloody French commentary, I keep think we are playing france!........Not much difference really though
  8. Cameraman finally found a hot England fan
  9. Fucking hell, we suddenly look sharp!
  10. First final since '66 and the manager is clueless?
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