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  1. This is very interesting on Valverde https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2014/apr/28/ernesto-valverde-athletic-bilbao ALWAYS_SFC - Apologies for posting my opinion as fact.
  2. Fair enough. Can only assume at that stage it wasn't thought of as anything special?
  3. Going ok. Alsop looked excellent before he went. We do have a long tail though so Ervine or Smith needs to make a ton.
  4. Saint Charlie

    Euro 2016

    No worries. As I said, looked a good technical player, physically not really quick but covered a lot of ground and looked strong enough to physically cope in England. Played in the 10 role. Clever passer.
  5. Saint Charlie

    Euro 2016

    https://www.clubcall.com/southampton/bundesliga-ace-watched-by-saints-chief-scout-again-1812278.html http://www.kicker.de/news/fussball/bundesliga/startseite/652945/artikel_wirbel-um-die-junuzovic-zukunft.html?ddt=1 There were also some Scouting tweets I read about us eatching another game of his but can't find them now.
  6. Fair enough and I agree there is a line. Without knowing more it is hard to judge but generally he is known for being a calm manager. From an objective point of view it does seem there is a bit of a Koeman smear campaign at the moment. Ultimately he achieved great results at Saints and there won't be a single PL Manager who hasn't shouted at a player in a bit of an OTT manner or had an iffy run of form. That he was able on each occassion to turn that around suggest to me that he is both tactically sound and also had the confidence and respect of the majority of the squad. Lets not pretend there was a Martinez style mutiny. Lots of stories said he and Pelle fell out yet last night Pelle specifically thanked Koeman after the game so it can't be that bad a relationship there.
  7. Of course but any Manager and Club will have some differences. Re the Leicester game, Targett was awful in that first half. He get very well paid to play PL football and has a standard he needs to hit like any player. Was what Koeman said likely to be anymore OTT than what for example, Sir Alex Ferguson, was heralded for? Who knows. Just interesting all this only comes out now once Koeman is going/has gone.
  8. I just personally think that Saints are quite principled. If so many disliked his attitude etc (which only comes out after the event) then why offer a new contract based on form in the last six to eight games. It seems quite knee jerk if they didn't like his approach - and we aren't a knee jerk reaction club. It appears we genuinely wanted him to stay and thought he would until Everton got involved. The Targett incident was early April yet wasn't mentioned until June. This meal where our Manager and Owner had an argument would also have been in April. A poster above said he knows it happened but didn't think to mention before. I don't doubt the source but its easy for things to be exagerrated now Koeman has left, to make him look like a vile bully yet a few weeks ago everyone was delighted when it looked like he would sign a new contract.
  9. They may not. A new man will want some of his own staff. It will just be posturing about money. Everton and Saints know there is no rush as pre season isn't for a while yet. They will both be prepping for a move to Everton.
  10. Saint Charlie

    Euro 2016

    Looks a good player (in between a Davis and a Ramirez style IMO) but going off injured.
  11. 1. Kat isn't that hands on. Any such meeting if it existed would not have involved her. 2. Saints hated Koeman and his attitude enough to offer him a new contract.
  12. Our Club might. I'm not overly bothered either way with Howe but if he is hypothetically our no1 then I would hope we at least got the chance to speak to him. Fair play to Howe for being genuinely loyal anyway. When he does leave Bmth it will hurt him.
  13. From the well connected Bmth Echo: @amitchellecho: Koeman finally being appointed by Everton changes nothing. Eddie Howe is going nowhere #afcb #utciad https://t.co/rSVgcQzs9V
  14. https://amp.twimg.com/v/ced758d3-a6a5-40ff-b394-4c27fe709a67 Koeman's first interview. Standard stuff.
  15. Saint Charlie

    Euro 2016

    Saints heavily linked with Austria no10 Junuzovic for anyone watching to keep an eye out for him. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zlatko_Junuzović
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