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  1. Sorry but just no…. He constantly loses his man and resorts to last ditch tackles or conceding. Not good enough for a first choice CH.
  2. God, I’m not sure where the trust in Bednarek comes from, he is just not good enough, Vesty is quite a bit better than he is….
  3. Che looked distinctly Championship this tournament…
  4. Sterling lol, what a joke …. Southgate is no winner ….
  5. Utter crap! That’s the problem with taking the knee, it points a finger at everyone when only a very small minority are actually racist. Taking the knee will not change the racists... The sanctimonious seem to like congratulating themselves for being such amazing human beings and put themselves above those with balanced views who disapprove of BLM but are not racist.
  6. You don’t understand at all do you .... You cannot rate potential at at the age of ten !!!!!!!!! if you can’t understand that then God help you !!!!!
  7. There lies the issue, or one of them.... Recruiting players far too young! It’s ridiculous to recruit players at 8,9,10. At that age no one has a clue how they will turn out. Recruit at 14 upwards and please please the least we can do, the very least is teach them to kick with both feet!!!!! Our coaching is a joke.
  8. Spot on. There is an issue with Ralph and certain players. Ralph seems to have an ego, some call it stubbornness, either way that trait is useless for a Manager... Ralph doesn’t manage people that well and it gets in the way of success. Giving Ralph so much control exasperates the issues he has. If we are to keep Ralph he must report to a Director of Football and be accountable. If not - get rid pronto...
  9. You mean like he has been all season....? Even when given the opportunity to change things he STILL persists with his same poor favourites Bednarek being a prime example today. Ralph will never be successful while he plays his mates every game, money will not solve Ralph’s problems he has with several players that he doesn’t seem to like and ones he evidently loves and plays continuously. That will not change, even with investment. Autonomy is not healthy and is not conducive to a team ethic. The lack of input from Ralph’s staff during a game is indicative of the atmosphere that i
  10. All of it.... if he takes credit for 10 mins of reasonably average football in a game he takes the blame for the other 80! Ralphs team selections are pub team standard too!
  11. Exactly Derry. Second half’s our midfield are far too advanced leaving us totally exposed. What this means is we both concede and completely knacker everyone chasing back miles all the bloody time!!! What does Ralph do???? Repeat, repeat, repeat .. Ralph takes far too long to cotton on and, as in in this case, never gets it.....
  12. Yes.... We are not fit enough. Weak mentally Weak tactically Suffer from weird managerial decisions. All of which Ralph controls. What is this second half collapse which goes on and on and is not addressed. Is Ralph blind or is he the cause?
  13. Statistics have little consequence without detail.... Who did we play in those matches, which players were available, were we on form etc ..... Nice guy but no one is thinking ‘wow great stuff’
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