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  1. Ralph is just a bit cocky at times and thinks it’s all about his whims... Beginning to think he just doesn’t see the whole picture tactically during a game otherwise he WOULD have made adjustments after 20 mins or at least at half time. To play a third game after the first two high line games were so poor is madness, what exactly did Ralph expect! Ralph not filling people with confidence at the moment or I fear the players too....
  2. BLM is political and has place in football. Football already had ‘Kick it out’ BLM is extremism politics nothing less.
  3. No wonder you are in a football forum! You plainly have bugger all to say of any value....?
  4. Do you mean you actually believe the most skewed bias unreliable, anti government, anti Uk news outlet on this planet? Their news last night on this was scarrily laughable and people are buying into them, it’s scandalous.
  5. Yes I am ‘equating’ How can you say certain people can work because they are ‘essential’ but it’s perfectly fine for others not to work.... There is no logic to this...Let alone fairness. Everyone should work until or if they are ill or tested positive at this stage of the spread. A person working in Tescos is just as ’essential’ as anyone else. See how long you last without food! You cannot discriminate or act as God over who is ’essential’ The mechanic that maintains the lorry that drives the food to your shop etc etc Where does this end.... ?
  6. Another panicker..... Ok then if footballers can’t play football food transporters can’t go to work and neither can shop workers or nurses and doctors and electricity supply workers etc etc etc etc ... Then everyone starved to death, will you be satisfied then! Get a grip for Christ sake!
  7. This is precisely the kind of ‘When we put in a decent shift’ complacency which ensures we accept defeat as long as some players put in a shift which is tragic defeatism. The alarming thing is we appear to have been very naive and disorganised in the last half dozen games which Ralph needs to take some responsibility for.
  8. Yes agree the love in for Ralph is baffling. The last half dozen games we have been poorly organised and not made any attempt to mitigate the opposition strengths. Ralph is woeful at tactical recognition and should be called out for it... Yet again today even with 11 v 11 we were totally out thought by opposition manager with no reaction from Ralph even. Ralph is too often oblivious and ill prepared.
  9. Let’s get one other thing straight Ralph needs to step it up too. His opposition prep has been abysmal for far too many games.
  10. RALPH If you don’t research the opposition properly and you obviously don’t you would be accounting for their main engine rooms, in this case Shelvey. It’s as though you haven’t seen Newcastle play and add to that West Ham and Burnley ....!!! Our preparation is pitiful.
  11. If we don’t man mark Shelvey he will of course destroy us. Hopefully previous lessons have been learned!!!!
  12. These type of posts really are laughable...
  13. Wtf was that again.... The standard of these players is beyond a joke .... Who finds these poor excuse for pub players..... What a mess..
  14. Well add up the goals conceded when he starts against when he doesn’t. Aside from that he is just too stiff and wooden in that position, gives away far too many free kicks in dangerous positions mainly because he is just a bit too slow. It’s not a vendetta in any way it’s just that we are vulnerable defensively when he plays and slow in transition too.
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