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  1. Been saying this for a long time. Not being able to use both feet as a professional at any level let alone Premier League is unforgivable. You should not be available for selection until you can do this simple task.
  2. Goal machine Redders up front ! If Redmond is the answer what is the question one might ask… Over to you Ralph…
  3. No need for the aggression mate . Calm yourself down !
  4. Ok it’s Frank then ….. Has done well at both clubs he’s been at and it’s is tactically very intelligent which you intimate Howe is lacking in. Defensively Ralph has been very poor and my question is also would you want to bring in a manager who has a mediocre record in the prem and with two 9.0 defeats under his belt at his last club? Certainly not sure I would be cheering if our directors brought in that manager …….. Agree what you say about Howe but with that in mind Lampard would be worth considering.
  5. Well mostly Foden did and don’t forget the standard of the opposition.
  6. In all honesty is JWP world class ?
  7. Shilton Golac Wright Watson Bale Pain David Armstrong Le Tiss Keegan Channon Davies sub. Lambert
  8. The issue has been what ever formation we get caught with too many players too far advanced and get taken on the break, also means we are too vulnerable to being outnumbered yet again and lose possession far too often. This is probably why Ralph is opting for slow ponderous build ups as he can’t coach the players to attack quickly but without too many ahead of the ball.
  9. Definitely not two up front. We cannot get enough of the ball with two standing around up there. We have to work on the one up front ….
  10. Fair point…. let’s just look at all the other evidence against keeping Ralph and all the evidence for keeping him then. In summary. Emotional guy who makes really strange team decisions and is taking us nowhere. Wearing your heart on your sleeve is nowhere near enough reason on its own to leave Ralph in charge. Has to go.
  11. Yes this obvious to everyone except Ralph who has about 50 blind spots !
  12. As are Wolves too then I suppose ….!
  13. You are F—-cling joking ….. The guy is a fraud ….
  14. Good for you… Everyone loves a plodder….
  15. Weird response….. Who mentioned the last 6 games lol ????? The subject was the last three years! Keep up …..
  16. Thank you Ralph’s mum for this post…. The management of the football is pretty abysmal at the moment from the youth to the first team, if you haven’t noticed then try to pay more attention. Avoiding relegation by the skin of your teeth whilst playing pretty crap disorganised lazy football for three years is nothing to be proud of.
  17. In that case give Ralph chief bib monitor status for a while……
  18. Our Manager is a bloody joke….. Clueless…
  19. You are talking out your backside my son. Allow people to have opinions and in this case a very factual and valid opinion and restrict your own opinions to matters of Saints. Nobody should be banned except those like you who want one sided blind positivity and not great knowledgeable, diverse comment on this forum!
  20. This is very true. It does bring into sharp focus our poor recruiting and or coaching of our youth teams not to say also the first team where certain players are crying out to be coached well but obviously are not being.
  21. Precisely put and is exactly what taking the knee implies, the practice should stop now. Football does not own the outrage the fast majority share about discrimination against all groups not just racial, or black or whatever BLM riot about.
  22. In my life experience your workplace is in the wilderness or at worse in a massive minority of British people and businesses or maybe your opinion of your workplace is skewed by your political and positive bias thought processes - maybe…. Racial discrimination is horrid but practised by a tiny minority of people and businesses in Britain. Taking the knee makes not a jot of difference to the minute number of people who practice discrimination and hatred but fuels their agenda and promotes their cause.
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