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  1. Too much of a recurring theme - poor after 60mins.....
  2. You can’t relate this to the owner. It’s not Saints that want to sell after all. Much as Ings is a good player for us, he now wants to have his cake and eat it. Ings is instigating a way out so it’s best to sell now as he will not have the same commitment and will sour the rest of the fruit bowl. Sorry to say but he should be sold to the highest bidder in my view unless he withdraws his thinly veiled transfer request called a ‘release clause’
  3. Disagree totally with the importance you attach to the FA Cup. This is the time to rest first team players and give the fringe youngsters a chance. We have a handful of players we need to offer first team experience to so that they are ready and available for league games when needed or to genuinely challenge the first team regulars. This match is the perfect opportunity. We should still role Shrewsbury over easily and also we don’t risk injury to our regulars.
  4. The testing is a bit farcical ... Wtf .... False positives and false negatives !!! You get your temperature taken if you visit a hospital or other establishments which again means nothing. You can have Covid for several days before a temperature develops and that is apparently the period where you are most contagious.. The science is still so unreliable and the scientists still groping in the dark.. If Ralph feels well he may as well be at work..
  5. Realistic or is he reducing expectations ? I think Ralph has changed his language recently from ‘winning mentality’ to ‘the main thing is a clean sheet’ Ralph appears to have less of a determination and ambition recently which has been picked up by the players. On a separate note, our ‘Youth Policy’ seems to have been dropped in favour of the Shane Long policy. Come on Ralph step it back up....
  6. Hojbjerg should be interesting in the post match interview reminding us all what a top team Spurs are and how Leicester tried extra hard because they were playing Spurs who are a ‘top team’ lol
  7. Interesting that God is on his side, at least VVD thinks he is... God works in mysterious ways and certainly did when VVD was here and refused to play - allegedly... That’s how Christians work I suppose... Funny ole world....
  8. He is last ditch because he is always playing catch up. People praise him last ditch though...,
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