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  1. Portsmouth at home obviously. We've not lost an FA cup game to a team from a lower division since 2008 (Derby knocked us out on pens 2 years ago)
  2. Fair result all in all. Ings would have scored that second one though. Armstrong giving the ball away for a goal again. good result to take into Man U
  3. Jesus, the people they picked out in the crowd there!
  4. Is it bad I wanted them to win this so we had a chance of playing them in R3?
  5. Ha Ha I was only getting a general flavour. So about a year and a half
  6. I'm a very late comer to this thread, but have had a quick skim through. Having not lived in the area for some time, I don't even have much ill-feeling towards Pompey, but this thread is absolute gold. A more vulgar, classless club, run by and represented by more vulgar, classless people you could not wish to meet. Each time I think this saga has run its course it always surprises me with another sorry twist. Of the few professionals to be caught up in match fixing so far, of course one of them had to be ex-Pompey. It just had to be. You couldn't even do a film about their last 6 ye
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