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  1. soccerlegacy.net has worked every away game for me
  2. https://soccerlegacy.net/premier-league/southampton-vs-crystal-palace
  3. We need to cut out giving away cheap free kicks
  4. Sums it all up totally, great post for us 'oldies'
  5. Similar situation when Kiyan Prince, QPR youth player was stabbed and died back in 2006, next game was v Saints at Loftus Rd, we all thought the same that we would lose but we won 3-0 Raziak missed at least 5 sitters, QPR were abject that day, not surprising sadly.
  6. JWP and CS getting stuck in, MOE couldn't control a bag of spuds
  7. http://www.totalsportss.com/cardiff-vs-southampton/
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