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  1. Thanks, I did think it was a physical card but when I saw upload I thought what’s the difference, both have to be uploaded?
  2. Can someone help an old technophobe? I’ve followed the payment process for renewing but am uncertain which type of ticket to select ie card up load or E-ticket? I understand the E-ticket can be a printable pdf or as a mobile ticket, but can someone tell what a card upload is? Apologies for my ignorance 😁
  3. Stuart Armstrong immense, pivotal to the win, energy, effort and skill. Very impressed, proper footballer. Tella, Arsenal’s loss our gain, with proper coaching Tella the Fella will be first pick on team sheet next season. Che Adams, decent player, very much a ‘confidence’ type of player though. Back four will get better IF they stay fit, this is the back four that got us to the top of the league remember! Having Romeu back next season will be an improvement along with the cryo treatment and the psychological consultants. Stay up is obviously the goal, I’m more hopeful
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