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  1. Diamond Edwards signed in January from Reading. Very highly rated by a coach I know who worked with him and Reading certainly didn't want to lose him. Has a sponsorship deal with Puma already, not sure how many other players get deals like that at 15? The GK (Goran) has also trained with England U15's and 16's
  2. Diamond Edwards signed in January from Reading. Very highly rated by a coach I know who worked with him and Reading certainly didn't want to lose him. Has a sponsorship deal with Puma already, not sure how many other players get deals like that at 15?
  3. He's perfectly entitled to an opinion just like all of us are. You don't have to agree with it and can simply move on or ignore it. It's also perfectly normal to disagree with someone on a topic and still remain fond of them...
  4. Stinks of him not wanting to be there, unless he wants to keep his astronomical wages. Now means they won't get any compensation when he joins someone else. Did well to get them up, but always found it weird he's never been properly linked to a better job. He's well known in the football circles for being a pretty poor man manager which maybe has something to do with it.
  5. Genuinely think AFCB may pull off the great escape. Can see WH beating Watford, which'll leave just 3 points between Watford and AFCB. AFCB will beat Everton on the last day and I can't see Watford getting anything against Man City and Arsenal.
  6. Ake - yes, but likely to go to a top side. The only other ones I'd take from AFCB are Brooks and Fraser (albeit the latter is technically a free agent). Godfrey at the back looks ok for Norwich as a squad player, but nothing more. Nobody, apart from Grealish, at Villa looks decent in my opinion.
  7. Would keep the same team as per City if I were in charge. Macca, Bertrand, Bednarek, Stephens and KWP seem to be our best and most solid back 5 (only taken 33 games to figure this out, but better late than never!) Personally, I wouldn't play PEH again, I'd give the minutes to Smallbone and Jankewitz who could flourish. Giving them playing time when there's no real pressure can only benefit them. Heart says we keep Che up top with Ings, but head says we need a Long/Obafemi running type to partner him.
  8. supersonic

    20/21 Kit

    Personally, I think they're great. Best kits we've had for a long time. If the away kit follows the same design but with a blue sash on yellow background that'll be awesome
  9. I watched the start of Palace then switched over the City game when that started. The Stadium Atmosphere mode was brilliant.
  10. Agree with both of these. Some will get precious over the Northam for some reason, but it could be a blessing in disguise for the club. May have to give some discounts for STH’s in the Chapel, but overall should improve the experience on matchday
  11. Not at all, most clubs will submit an area which isn’t next to the away fans. It’s only really us that has its “hardcore” fans based there rather than somewhere else.
  12. As promised here's an overview of what was discussed yesterday at an FA meeting I attended regarding accessibility of stadiums. As mentioned above, this is mainly to do with access for disabled fans and the overall visiting experience that they gain from attending matches all over the country. Most of the modern stadiums pass with flying colours but there are a few stadiums and clubs which could be doing more to help them etc. One of the topics that was mentioned was safe standing, which has been discussed for a while now and the campaign to install these at stadiums is gathering momentum. The FA adviser said they're stance is to support it where possible, but there would need to be an overhaul in the law as standing at football is currently prohibited up to a certain level (note earlier post saying Conservatives have this in their manifesto). Provided such law change can get through parliament, it would then be up to the FA to grant permission to clubs to install safe standing at their ground but here's where it becomes interesting (and relevant to Saints)... The FA have a map of every ground and each section of the stadium is grouped by the type of supporters that sit in that part of the stadium (e.g. they know at St Mary's where the away fans sit, that the Northam and Itchen North are the loudest parts and that the Chapel is more family orientated. Each club would have to submit a request to the FA and detail where they'd like to position the safe standing area. The FA's guidance, so far, is that there will not be safe standing within 2 blocks (or a certain number of seats) from the away sections as they feel this is likely to stir trouble and want to avoid that where possible. At SMS, this would mean that blocks 1 + 2 can't have it, neither can 40-43 which may mean it's either started in block 3 (but with no real room for expansion into block 4 as the club views this as semi-premium seating), placed in the corner somewhere between blocks 36-39 or, as the FA speaker suggested, the club may take this as an opportunity to manage a move to the Chapel and create a "kop" end that way. Obviously a lot of variables on this to happen, but just thought i'd share with you a snippet of what was discussed.
  13. Interestingly, I've been at an FA meeting today regarding the accessibility of stadiums (mainly for disabled fans) but one topic that came up was safe-standing and St Mary's was mentioned. I'll try and provide more of an update later if I get time.
  14. West Ham are awful, yet could have nicked a draw. I forgot what is was like for a home team to actually have a go in the last ten minutes...
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