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  1. https://www.eplsite.uk/stream19.html
  2. might be a bit grainy on a sh1tty Android though.....
  3. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/60642/West_Ham_United_vs_Southampton.html works on mobile too, just foreign commentary
  4. Thanks. Nothing to do with Turkish, just didnt want to pay £5 to read all this crap. And no Bewbs from MasterBates
  5. Not with Yoshida off and Danso only a loan though
  6. Pongracic is a goer. Walker-Peters still an option, but we want permanent and Spurs want loan with OPTION, not obligation
  7. Beaten at his near post 1 too many times....
  8. We did agree a fee with Che Adams, and got FL dispensation for Austin to go the other way. But Austin pulled the plug due to wages and we weren't willing to pay the full difference
  9. This. Although they want a perm deal. Poker time
  10. Didn’t say swapping. But when you think we got £12m for Gabbi and £80k pw off, £60k Davis, half Hoedts £50k etc it has freed up some wages. Austin is on £50k+ some tasty bonus money as well......
  11. Never claimed Shurrle at any point. Was told we had got Promes tho. We were in for Maja, but he chose Bordeaux over us I also said we’d get Hassenhuttl about 3 weeks before we did...... but cool.
  12. Expect J-K A incoming if Austin goes on a perm. Tomorrow is a big day for Charlie
  13. We were 100% in for Maja but sounds like he may be off to France now. £3.5m and bags of potential. Shame
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