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  1. Pray for an ACL injury if nobody buys him
  2. Words cannot describe how bad he is. Horrendous footballer and someone who should be sold to anyone with any interest in him. The grin makes me want to do unspeakable things to nice people
  3. Ended up getting abuse for having a dead owner and then the post got removed....
  4. i went fishing over there and caught a big Skate
  5. if they manage to get to the end of the season, and into next, would they be due a massive points penalty for starting a season in admin and without a CVA?
  6. the 'admin' experts the football league will screw them Joy
  7. http://www.portsmouth.co.uk/custompages/custompage.aspx?pageid=82690
  8. http://www.portsmouth.co.uk/custompages/custompage.aspx?pageid=82690
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