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  1. Because legislation covering such a miniscule proportion of our economy pales so far into insignificance when compared to the disaster looming at midnight on December 31st if we cannot sort out our mutual intransigence with the EU.
  2. Maybe it could come out of the payments made to the Government's pals who organise PPE contracts.
  3. I know you enjoy pedantry, so; GSTK was written in 1744, first performed in 1745, and didn't become adopted as the National Anthem until the early 1800s. In the middle of 1827 it would have become GSTQ when Princess Alexandrina Victoria of Kent became Queen, and would have stayed as such until 1901 when King Edward 7th succeded her. So it wouldn't have been GSTK for 'hundreds of years before 1952', it has actually been GSTQ for longer. 😉
  4. It was just Mike Read getting precious because he objected to having homo-erotic leather gear paraded on TOTP.
  5. Radio 1 decidng to edit "Fairy Tale of New York" because the lyrics might offend the sense of sexuality and gender held by the precious little things that now comprise it's audience. The grown ups who listen to R2 are allowed to hear the original.
  6. "......you have to accept that there is probably a majority of the electorate currently who do not wish for us to cave in to EU demands (particularly from the French) that they have undiminished access to our coastal waters. Neither do those "people" want us to continue to be subservient to EU rules on how we should govern ourselves, or subject to the jurisdiction of their law courts. " That reads as if you are claiming a 'majority of the electorate' want to leave the EU, under WTO if necessary. I contend that you are wrong.
  7. Who asked you ? Wes mentioned 'a majority of the electorate', and I responded. I didn't lose, I wasn't in the contest. Do you think a no-deal Brexit is 'winning' ?
  8. If they're so smart, ask them to explain Pythagoras' Theorum.
  9. There wasn't a majority of the Electorate in favour of Brexit; 52% of the 72% turnout equals 37% of the electorate. And there is absolutely zero evidence that a 'majority of the electorate' are in favour of Brexit now, let alone taking your slant on things.
  10. Perhaps people don't share your almost gloating desire for WTO, seeing it as bad for the UK's economic future, and therefore digging our heels in over a comparitively insignificant issue is picking the wrong fight.
  11. badgerx16


    If CoViD is, what about Sickle Cell Anaemia ?
  12. Come on Wes, we've been through this already on here; The UK Government is solely responsible for the allocation of fishing quotas for UK waters, apportioned through Production Organisations, and based on historical landings and size of vessels. The fact that EU companies and masters hold so much of our quota is because the UK fishing induustry sold it to them.
  13. What about bleached fannies or shaved arseholes ?
  14. Not debating his operatic ability, but that doesn't make him a nice guy. ( Which I reiterate - he isn't ).
  15. Quite. The UK has always had 'control' over it's own waters, it just chose to mismanage the quota system that it itself created.
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