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  1. Flukey really. The rebound off the post could have gone anywhere.
  2. Nope. Mentioned that we were in the relegation zone this time last year and have done so well to get where we are from there, but surprisingly didn't mention the 0-9.
  3. Oh this is too delicious. Trump shares an article in which his own sister appears to offer her full support for his current situation. But, as it turns out, it is based entirely on tweets from a parody account. And he was too dumb to notice! 😂
  4. I wasn't outraged, I was just asking the question. But this time you have used it deliberately, without the slightest awareness of what a c*nt it makes you look, on this of all threads. Please educate yourself on the origin of the term so you can understand how inappropriate it is.
  5. Please tell me this is just a typo, and you haven't deliberately used a horrendously ignorant and inappropriate term on a thread discussing a public figure using ignorant and inappropriate language.
  6. It's all unravelling now. Turns out the disputed ballots in PA total no more than 10k, and Biden's lead is currently around 48k, so even if the GOP succeed in getting those ballots discounted, it won't make a shred of difference. The sworn affidavits from people claiming they were prevented from observing the count are mostly just people complaining they couldn't get as close as they wanted to due to Covid. So what does Donny do? Fires the 3 most senior people in the Department of Defense and puts a fence up around the Whitehouse. Be afraid America. Whatever comes next
  7. Yeah and the wording of the emails is just mental. Essentially accusing anyone who doesn't contribute of betraying their great leader. Basically no different from televangelists preying on vulnerable people with threats of eternal damnation if they don't hand over their dollars to the cause.
  8. What? A private company with no links to Trump, using German funding, has released details of preliminary trials of a vaccine. There are still many hurdles to clear and much more testing to be done before it can be approved for general use, IF it ever does. None of this represents the "instant and mysterious disappearance" of Covid. This is just another batshit crazy, narcissistic delusion from Donny.
  9. And now he wants his supporters to believe that Pfizer and the FDA have conspired to withhold news about the possible Covid vaccine until after the election to deliberately undermine him. Because in the head of a narcissist, everything is always about him. He's out of his fucking mind. This is going to get very messy.
  10. Although it is morbidly entertaining, somebody really needs to intervene now and take his Twitter account away from him. It's just embarrassing (as if it wasn't already). He's taken to repeating some wild claims that have already been thoroughly debunked and/or just retweeting articles from Breitbart. In his latest one it is the story about a scanning problem in Georgia, which has now been fully resolved and resulted in even more votes for Biden. His niece Mary was on C4 news the other day claiming that his narcissism will never allow him to go quietly and work towards a peaceful transiti
  11. The only photo ID that many establishments will accept is either a driving licence or a passport. You don't need to be a genius to work out that poor and marginalised people are less likely to hold at least one of these than more affluent people are.
  12. Why is it? He was elected democratically as well. He used exactly the same kind of populism and nationalistic ethnic scapegoating that Trump used to appeal to people's fears in order to gain support. The comparisons between them are quite blatant if you actually know your history.
  13. By what measurable standards has he been the "best president ever"?
  14. https://www.businessinsider.com/joe-biden-victory-spells-trouble-uk-us-relations-boris-johnson-2020-11?r=US&IR=T If Biden's election means Johnson gets shown up on the international stage as the hopeless chancer he is then, in the long term, that can only be a good thing IMO. The era of these fucking idiot populists scratching each other's backs needs to be consigned to history.
  15. A good trade deal for who? It would take an even thicker cunt to think that a trade deal with a shark like Trump would actually work in the UK's favour.
  16. Well no, nothing like that. Because Gina Miller was just trying to ensure that the government followed the rule of law and not make it up as they went along. If you really can't see the difference between that and an obviously vexatious attempt to discredit the democratic process by a narcissist whose ego will not allow him to accept that not everyone in the US loves him as much as he thought they did, then you need to take your blinkers off.
  17. Melania is probably already on the blower to her divorce lawyer.
  18. Well here is the problem with not raising the offside flag immediately. It was obviously going to get pulled back, so why let it carry on and allow a situation to develop where someone could get injured?
  19. Pickford gets away with yet another awful challenge. Then Digne gets taken out from a follow through from Maquire. No sympathy from me after his hatchet job on KWP the other week.
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