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  1. The replay showed he had it covered and backed off cos he knew it was going wide.
  2. No idea why JWP is trying to shoot from there. What a waste.
  3. This ref really does not like getting his cards out does he
  4. If he doesn't want to go back to Chelsea, there are plenty of clubs who could afford to pay him a lot more than we can 😕
  5. Don't know how he escaped a booking for that. Awful tackle.
  6. Lovely bit of skill but why didn't he play it to Broja!
  7. Another shit corner from JWP. Have we ever actually scored from one?
  8. How about essentially the same story in the New Statesman then... https://www.newstatesman.com/politics/2021/05/robbie-gibb-s-appointment-shows-how-no-10-wants-politicise-bbc
  9. That just isn't true... https://www.huckmag.com/perspectives/opinion-perspectives/bbc-bias-tom-mills/
  10. So in a discussion about the relative trustworthiness of news outlets, you offer a link to an article on Guido Fawkes - one of the most notoriously biased and unreliable alt-right sites imaginable - that doesnt provide a source for its figures. Are you sure you're not Batman?
  11. Saturday afternoon TV sports presenter turned raging conspiracy theory nut-job. There are definitely parallels there.
  12. He's got a very valid point though. On what evidence do you base your suggestion of it 'probably' being Covid or vaccine related? It really doesn't help anyone by saying such things if you're just speculating. If too many people do that it creates a false narrative in the public consciousness.
  13. I don't think we were 'hanging on' in the second half at all, it was just more even after our first half dominance. Leicester had some decent chances to win it but it's not like we were camped in our own half under siege. We had plenty of attacks of our own.
  14. Time to take him out of the firing line and give him a rest I think. He's obviously a huge talent, but his defending last night was poor (not for the first time) and he was largely culpable for their second goal. KWP has had a couple of good games on the left but is so much better defensively on the right. I don't think Perraud has done much wrong so far, and Small has been racking up the games in the B team to get his fitness up so we have other options at LB rather than shoehorning KWP in there.
  15. Why should it? We didn't play well enough to deserve a win IMO. Leicester are a decent side who we have no divine right to be beating.
  16. He was offside and tried to win the ball. He was involved.
  17. Poor shot in the end from Moi. And then Vardy misses one he would bury 99 times out of 100. What a let off.
  18. Or maybe his lack of recent minutes means he isn't fully match fit.
  19. Exactly. Teams like Villa can get away with poor defending by having a competent keeper to bail them out if they can't snuff out the danger. We can't.
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