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  1. Yeah but in three of our last four games we've been 4-0, 1-0 and 2-0 up and we've ended up 4-3, 1-1, and 2-3. So 7 goals scored and then 7 conceded. And my point is that if we've put things in place to improve it, they're not yet working very well. We work so hard off the ball that without subs we collectively run out of steam, and only Newcastle recently have been too crap to take advantage. Overall, not complaining at all. It's been a brilliant start to the season with Brighton and Sheff up next. But the main problem is obvious.
  2. I wish they'd press him more on the late subs question though. Can't argue or compete with Cavani - just don't understand why he didn't start. But if we stopped pressing and dropped too much - which we could all see... why not bring on Diallo and maybe Obafemi earlier? Not saying they're world-beaters, but a couple of our front four were out on their feet after 70 mins. And that annoying 'most points dropped after taking the lead' stat that they always show after we score isn't made up. It's obviously a problem which we don't seem to be addressing. Is the only answer to buy three or four bette
  3. Absolutely. We were two nil up at home at the beginning of this year (it feels like about a decade ago) and still lost to Wolves. A decent away point. Bloody hell though - how many more Portuguese players did they have ready to come off the bench??
  4. What a performance. Wish we could have been there. 32 fucking years! Thanks boys, thanks Ralph, thanks Marcus.
  5. The good news via Adam on twitter - it’s nothing to do with the old injury... Adam Blackmore @AdamBlackmore 3m #saintsfc Ralph explained to me that Danny Ings tried to train yesterday but they quickly realised there was a problem He has a small meniscus issue and they’ve made a decision to have a routine surgery now and not risk it further - injury is unrelated to old knee problems
  6. Boll0cks. Unless we’re lucky he’s not realistically back until Christmas. Misses 4-6 games. At least it’s not 4-6 months. Time for the other forwards to step up. Theo and Che up front?
  7. So did Van Dyck a couple of weeks ago. Hope Danny's ok. Waiting to see the goals later (eff off sky ppv)
  8. I actually think that's fair - yellow for the first attempt to take his legs, and then yellow for clumsily standing on his calf. Two yellows = one match ban.
  9. Don't know what the telly situation is for Everton but this was class from the barcodes https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54597058 and we should do something similar next time we're on at £15 a pop.
  10. Was thinking exactly the same - would’ve been a cracking away day! Well played lads - good to see Theo back in the shirt!
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