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  1. Looked decent. Won a few corners with the revolutionary tactic of taking on his man on the outside and driving forward
  2. Hard not to argue that Brighton building a better squad than us though. They just need a goalscorer
  3. Title says it all https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/15588598/portsmouth-investigate-racist-leaked-chat-england/?rec_article_amp_dpa=true
  4. I don’t think it’s just about providing injury cover. One of our problems last season was that our full backs had to cover so much ground that performance started to dip after an hour and the whole team suffered because our style of play relies so much on the FBs. So, if you have a third quality full back you can rotate and regularly replace one or the other after 60mins, with people like Stephens and Ramsay providing extra injury cover. If we spend 6.5 mill over a season on a third quality full back and end up three or four places higher as a result, the loan pays for itsel
  5. Massive fan of the new kit and the images of The Dell and St Mary’s. Just a shame about that bloody betting ad. Hummel have done a really good job this year. I’d happily pay £10 more per shirt to get it without Sportsbet or any other crap ad. Until that happens, it’s training kit for me. Quite like the new blue number they’ve been training in this week too.
  6. I was happy in the haze of a drunken hour until Leicester scored nine times and I got f*cking soaked.
  7. Seems like a decent analysis. And right about Ings - whichever of those 12 bottom clubs has a regular (and fit) goal scorer will almost certainly stay up. Although we could also do with conceding about 20 fewer goals.
  8. Unless we get a change of owner I’m kind of at peace with relegation next season or the one after and then hopefully rebuilding from there in the championship. If there was loads of talent coming through the academy there might be some hope, but it seems that there isnt any with no money and no home grown prospects I don’t see where we go from here. Let’s hope we have a really good window, and find some inspiration somewhere.
  9. Thanks very much Ryan - some very good memories over the years. Who’s next?
  10. Good day to be a Saint in Oxford. They don’t like them either.
  11. I reckon he was nervous about facing an on-fire Southampton attack and jumped before he was pushed.
  12. The wheels really are coming of if that performance was us leaving it all out there on the pitch. Semi-final, 30+ mins to go, 1-0 down and not only no shots on target but zero creativity and no passion. Anyway I expect this thread is going to deteriorate soon into two Saints fans having a pointless pissing match. What? Oh.
  13. Also broadly agree, but it’s the subs routine that does my head in. I coulda/shoulda put money on the first sub on being Che after 75 mins with two more on with no time left. Same every time. We were shite in the first half, he’s got most of his squad back from injuries, so why not shake it up at half time? Never happens.
  14. Man, that was piss poor. And utterly predictable that we wouldnt make any subs before they’d helped themselves to a third and the game was dead. Inexcusably bad. Roll on Sunday.
  15. Ralph Out! by the way. Oh no, that was two hours ago.
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