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  1. We need to be getting ten points bare minimum from those next five, and I’d be disappointed with anything less than eleven.
  2. It goes from bad to worse. This is shocking from Saints. Sponsored by a PR company masquerading as an educational trust, trying to persuade fans to buy dodgy financial products https://www.southamptonfc.com/news/2021-09-24/southampton-fc-welcome-learncryptocom-as-official-partner Don’t sell the club’s reputation to the highest bidder. It’s ours. Sort it out.
  3. Lyanco Evangelista Silveira Neves Vojnović is the king of the scummers… Catchy.
  4. Yeah, I mean what was the club supposed to do - kidnap them? Neither we’re going to sign a contract. If we play the market well - and we’ve not done badly so far this summer - we’ll get a better younger player than Vestergaard. Losing Ings was always going to be difficult - but Armstrong and Broja are very decent replacements fir our budget. I actually think Broja could catch fire if given the chance.
  5. Jannik seems like a decent bloke and I wish him well. But my lasting memory of him will be his first ever appearance, pre-season away at Derby. God knows why we went, but we did. On he comes as a sub and we’re all thinking blimey he’s massive, this is gonna be epic, we’re gonna win the lea… and the first thing he does is fall on his arse and give Derby’s centre forward (who might even have been the annoying runt who used to play for Pompey) a free run in on goal to score. We lost 3-0. Apart from the majestic diagonals, it rarely got any better. Next please.
  6. Have you been talking to Matt on the golf course again? 🤣 COYR
  7. Maybe £15m plus Obafemi on loan for the season? That would suit everyone
  8. Only if he’s got a decent long throw on him
  9. Like most Saints articles in The Athletic it doesn’t really tell most fans much that they didn’t know already Wouldn’t be surprised if the main forward we sign hasn’t been mentioned in any of these ITK articles. Of the names that are out there I still think Armstrong is the most likely. But that’s just a hunch.
  10. The problem with Abraham is he’s too deer.
  11. Not sure why all the bitterness. Danny always put a shift in, he kept us in the division, he scored some crackers, he got two at Fratton, and now he’s moved on. So should we. Looking forward to the Bilbao game and hoping Tino might get some minutes off the bench towards the end.
  12. My Chelsea mate who watches the yoof reckons he’s the business. Could be time for a Dexy’s Midnight Runners rendition… Tino, Tino Tino, Tino etc I’ll probably get up in the morning and find he’s signed for Brighton.
  13. Looked decent. Won a few corners with the revolutionary tactic of taking on his man on the outside and driving forward
  14. Hard not to argue that Brighton building a better squad than us though. They just need a goalscorer
  15. Title says it all https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/15588598/portsmouth-investigate-racist-leaked-chat-england/?rec_article_amp_dpa=true
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