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  1. Early days but that was painful to watch. Why did I expect anything different? We'll go on a run at some stage, finish between 11th and 14th and zzzzzzzz.
  2. Romeu, Redmond, Ings so far today... and don't get me started on this high line. Time for a big 2nd half response.
  3. But how much income are we earning? LD Sports was reported at £7.5M pa so this lot probably got it for 5M knowing we had no other option. What's that equal? About a quarter of Guido Carrillo maybe? One of Jannik Vestergaard's legs? Nothing wrong with putting the Saints Foundation on the shirts for a year - that would have generated massive goodwill and record sales. But hey ho - money.
  4. Terrible decision, and still a sh!t logo. Won't be buying one of those.
  5. LaptopSaint


    The fact that Poch and Koeman seem to be the front runners to take over at Barca shows a) how well we did for a few years and b) how inexplicable it was that we tried to replace them with Claude Puel, Mauricio Pellegrino and Mark Hughes. But somehow we dodged three bullets. Thank God we now have Ralph whose previous team are one crunching tackle on Neymar away from the Champions League final. I can’t think of any manager I’d prefer to have at the moment. Anyone else?
  6. Can anyone tell me what has happened to Kayne Ramsey who looked pretty decent when he made an unexpected debut against Man City about 18 months ago? We should've won that one... (I know he went on loan to Shrewsbury - did he play much... is he still in Ralph's plans...?)
  7. We should try hard to keep him for at least one extra year. Just posted on the Bompey reaction thread about how good he's been for us. Really p*sses me off when people say 'yeah, but he doesn't smile'... best left back we've had since Bale, still better than Shaw IMO.
  8. I voted for KWP as MOTM but the last few games have also been a reminder of just how good Bertie is when he's on it - both in defence and attack. That little pass in to Oba at the end, when most players would have gone for the corner flag, created the goal - and he's had some big Prem names in his pocket over the last few weeks. I think we often take him for granted - he's one of those we won't realise how good he is until he's gone.
  9. LaptopSaint


    And let's face it, it wasn't a penalty anyway. Karma I reckon.
  10. LaptopSaint

    20/21 Kit

    Has anyone ever tried to raise this with the club? I’d certainly pay a tenner more. One of the reasons why the 125 kit was so popular, and why I tend to buy training tops instead of shirts.
  11. LaptopSaint

    20/21 Kit

    That’s the one I’d be buying
  12. LaptopSaint

    20/21 Kit

    Away? Yellow with blue sash please, together with a bright orange keeper’s kit 😎
  13. Hopefully now they've done the Dippers they'll be fully focussed on the FA Cup and the Champions League. 2-0 Saints (Long, Adams).
  14. Top ten should be the aim. Absolutely everything would have to go right, including other results, for us to get to 8th. 10th would be a great end to the season given where we were in October/November.
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