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  1. "If I can't vlog then what's the point of going to games?" Maybe just me but that ****ed me off. How about going to the games to actually watch the games rather than to get likes or whatever on social media? I'm a Saints fan but go to most of the Lazio home games. I do it because I like football and want to watch football. Plus I got a free season ticket but that isn't the point If these kids are only going to games for social media reasons they should be banned. So fair play Pompey.
  2. Haha what a bunch of muppets. What a **** team. Queue Crook to come out talking about how it was their cup final and they got all the decisions. The refs were ****, wotton shouldnt have been on the bench etc
  3. Didn't think managers were allowed to communicate with the bench or assistant's when sent off? Clear footage of cook doing that.
  4. They never fail to amaze me. To answer that question about how much would it cost to buy us..... - 4 star Uefa rating stadium with top class facilities. - £20m+ training centre. - One of the best academies in the world. - A top 10 team in the richest league in the world. - 19 international players - £80m a season just from the domestic tv rights deal. - European football. etc etc But they are right. I am sure someone would much rather buy a club that has - Terrible stadium and facilities that can't sell out a match. - Fourth division football - £240k tv
  5. Heard a good one whilst I was in states recently. Was speaking to a guy who follows "English Soccer" about us and he seemed to know quite a bit. He said he loved the way we played etc. I said next year should be good too so keep on watching us. Especially the semi derby against Bournemouth. He said "are they the team that play in Blue that you guys hate?" Poor old Portsmouth, been out of the spotlight so long people have forgotten their names. Except everyone in Milan of course.
  6. "‘I was there on Saturday, I looked out of the window and the queues were ridiculous" Bit harsh isn't it, doesn't he know they are in the fourth division? Can't be that bad?
  7. The second guy makes a lot of sense. But sadly the middle guy is how the majority of them think. All they have to feel positive about is the memories of days gone by. Days which were over 60 years ago. The here and now is more important and as someone once said you are only as good as your league position. The only stat they need to care about imo is since 1992 we have played 604 top flight games. They have played 266. We are pretty much guaranteed to put another 50 to that list whilst they will be very fortunate to add to theirs within the next decade.
  8. At least they own their club right? I am sure they are the envy of the 90 clubs or so above them....
  9. Haven't seen a beating like that since Ike Turner
  10. Most deluded fans in the world. "we're coming for you!" How about getting out of division four before you start singing that as right now your closer to Biggleswade Town then you are to us!
  11. He was pretty adamant he was going to sell it at some point. He believes that some rich person will buy them all out eventually. Which may be the case but I think it goes to show that a lot of these guys have probably not actually looked at the details in regards to their pledge. As you say I don't think they can sell them can they?
  12. At a conference today I got chatting to a Pompey fan who informed me that he bought a share and plans to sell it on for profit..... Wonder how many others of the "we own our club" club are thinking the same
  13. Not sure I ever predicted they were toast but wouldn't it depend on how you define toast? If you look at it from an un-biased perspective they will be starting in the 4th division with debt and payments that must be kept to. That means a chunk of their income has already been swallowed up. Add to that league two has strict rules which states you can only have 55% of your turnover on wages, means they can't go into further debt buying players on stupid wages to help them out of the league at the first time of asking. Add to this today there seems to be a fair few people asking what they h
  14. Pompey....got to be the only club to celebrate getting relegated to the bottom division...
  15. They really do try and make even the smallest thing seem huge don't they.....They might win a under 17 youth league, wow. Does that really need to be in their news? Maybe someone needs to point out how our kids are doing in the ELITE group http://www.premierleague.com/en-gb/matchday/barclays-u18-premier-league-tables.html?paramYouthStage=ELITE But yet you don't see us spouting off about it in the press etc What's next a lad from Pompey won the egg and spoon race at under 10s sports day?
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