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  1. Fair play you went, I watched a ****ty stream whilst this place is in lock down. But I couldn't disagree more. The only two chances I remember us having are the two Long chances. The one where he skied it and the other which went straight at their keeper. McCarthy made what 3-4 quality saves and the penalty? Think I remember one of them being inside the 6 yard box and somehow shooting past the post? I thought we were pretty poor in all honesty and ran out of ideas. When we had the ball it was normally around the half way line. If we had good chances I could see where you were coming from. But I don't think we did and if our keeper didn't pull off some great saves it could of been 0-3 easily.
  2. Really poor even before the red.
  3. Goes to show how different opinions can be. I think Smallbone hasn't been in the game and jwp has been dire. He is putting in 100% effort but has made so many poor mistakes. 1st goal the crap pass to nobody. 2nd goal watching the ball rather than the dude running behind him. Wasted corners and some shocking poor passes which have let them break on us. Just my opinion of course.
  4. Vester isnt good on the ball so if Ralph made the change because he thought that then it's a strange decision. The amount of times he gives the ball away with stupid passes Ralph should have known better. Our tactics of launch it and hope for the best played into their hands.
  5. We have gone full long ball mode. Which is what Burnley want.
  6. **** that was a good goal, defence was **** but that was a beauty
  7. Hmm sure that should be a booking for Cork...
  8. Maybe just me but I thought our sub decisions were bad. We deserved to win the game and it was never a penalty but our changes didn't help us at all. I wouldn't have messed with the two CB's as they have a good pairing and were doing well. If anything I would have brought Vokins on and switched Bertrand to right back. Gutted to lose that one. Can't fault the players at all.
  9. I think he has been doing alright there. The only problem I have noticed is he seems to wander a lot from the position. I guess that is due to his natural instincts playing as a midfielder kicking in. If you watch the other three they are pretty much always in a line and moving together. Prowsey got a severe rocket from Hojberg when he went over to the left side leaving the right side exposed. If he can stay in position and not get suckered into moving infield I think he does ok at rb.
  10. We deserve to be winning. It is a shame we couldn't take one of the chances but everyone is doing well. Long and Ings are a total pest to their defence creating things from just running the ball down. Keep it going lads.
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