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  1. 1 hour ago, Lord Duckhunter said:

    They think they’re reinventing the wheel. It’s what any manager worth his salt has been doing for 50 bloody years, imposing his style on the club, putting decent coaches in key positions, and turning boys into men. You hipsters really think you’re cutting edge and have discovered something new. Peter Taylor was one of the greatest talent spotters in history, he’d recommend the players and Cloughie would motivate them. Now they’d probably be called “match day coach” & “Xg analyst “. 

    I'm not sure you mean to be but your hilarious with your 70s throwback character, all 'pony', 'chicks', 'up and at em', 'man up' 'hey woman iron my shirt I'm of to the pub to play skittles'. You should take it to the Edinburgh fringe.

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  2. Oooh, just seen that headed chance, didn't realise what a chance that was sitting at the other end. Looks like he got caught in two minds.

    ...but he looks decent to me, most strikers miss chances.

  3. 2 hours ago, Matthew Le God said:

    The season did not start on 26th August. So that isn't his first month, plus not sure why you've included the cup game. His first month was 2 league goals as I said.

    Do you ever give it a break?

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  4. 5 minutes ago, Saint_clark said:

    He's 24 to be fair, I don't expect him to start scoring immediately but it's not like he's a youngster who we need to wait years to see the best of.

    He's 19

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  5. 22 minutes ago, Warriorsaint said:

    Just got this from the Rovers fans. The prevailing opinion is this

    1 When you are the underdog playing the big boys (City, Liverpool, Man U etc) with their high backlines, I think he will be a great outlet for you.

    Ball over the top on the break, his pace will get him in, and he is clinical in those situations. 

    However, when you are up against the Crystal Palace/West Ham types, and you do your possession based tactics,  not sure how well he will perform there. Link up play isn't brilliant, and he often gets frustrated and tries potshots from 30 yards, when laying it off to the winger is by far the better option. 


    2 I think you’re right to be unconvinced about Armstrong at the top level. At our level he needs about 4 good chances per goal scored and I don’t think he’ll get that many chances at top level. He’s not shot shy in any way, in fact he pulls the trigger from distance too often.  Heading ability is ordinary. Pretty quick pace wise but not lightening fast. One on one with the keeper, I could be wrong ,but I can’t remember him ever scoring. If I had to put my house on him being a success in the prem I’d say no but I hope he proves me wrong as he always did his best for Rovers.


    Just passing on their thoughts

    Seems to be contradicting himself there. Clinical with the ball in behind but never scored a one on one.

    Maybe I've misunderstood.


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  6. 1 hour ago, derry said:

    I've been with SaintsPlayer for about three years. They are now a proper IPTV channel using two IPTV streams and connections to smart tv. They have extensive coverage on movies, series, all sports. £70 a year for one connection to all your devices or £120 for two devices at one time. Also shorter term connections. Pay by bank transfer. If there is a problem they have sorted it quickly. I'm very satisfied. They have all 92 clubs on live in league sections. If a stream is buffering there are alternatives plus direct connections to tv stations worldwide showing games. I often use Supersport for example. Worth a look at their website.

    Thanks will check it out!

  7. Got a season ticket but have quite got use to watching each game live after covid.

    What's everyone's tips for streaming, get a package of some sort or just stream through websites? Any ones that are reliable?

  8. 4 minutes ago, SKD said:

    Saints win ore-season friendly against opposition below us. Meh. 

    Saints lose heavily (dominated) a week out from the start of the season, against a team of the quality we’ll play week in, week out. Worrying. 

    To be honest, I've given up using pre season of being an indicator for form. 

    I usually go to one each season then regret it as they're usually crap, didn't bother this year..

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  9. 14 minutes ago, SKD said:

    Early start and no doubt new club bounce, but looks like a different player. Seems to have found those legs we thought he’d lost. 

    Seems to have an energy that was missing for us at the end...

    Suppose it happens, players need a change of scenery sometimes.

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  10. 1 minute ago, SKD said:

    Why are we losing to players to Villa? (obviously clearly money related) That’s the issue. 

    As a club we have 0 ambition. Our goal is to stay afloat. We simply cannot keep pulling rabbits out of hats and keep getting lucky.

    We are a shambles. 

    We always sell players, it's where we sit in the hierarchy.

    Yeah a surprise it's Villa but it's not like we don't have a track record.

    You seem a very miserable person.

  11. 9 minutes ago, Lord Duckhunter said:

    Fuck me. Some of the replies on here are unbelievable. He’s clearly not at the required level, had a poor end to the season, but again it’s a conspiracy against Saints. As for people not supporting England because of it, what are they, 10 years old? 

    Danny Ings is our only player that deserves to be anywhere near the England squad. 


    So you see the reason for taking 4 RB's?

  12. 3 hours ago, Jeremy said:

    So, if I may ask before this thread heats up before kick-off, who's your all-time favourite character who has pulled on the shirt or managed? From distance over here, I thought Harry Redknapp was hardcase but I understand many of you dislike him.

    Think you need a lie down bud

  13. Player of the season?

    Technically so good today with manipulation of the ball and the use of his body. His directness gets us up the pitch so quick too.

    Personally didn't think he was up to CM role as didn't think he had the discipline but him and JWP building up a good partnership. 

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  14. 1 minute ago, ant said:

    Looks like they've completely cocked up the ticket sales this morning.

    Leeds match was showing as available to buy when I logged in at 09.25, but it wouldn't allow you to process the order.

    Since 09.30, the site's been intermittently flicking between 'Service unavailable' messages and successfully showing your account... But without the option for the tickets.

    Ahhh, it's good to be back...

    Yep and when you phone the ticket office it just hangs up.

    They really are shit at this aren't they.

  15. 40 minutes ago, Jeremy said:

    I watched the YT highlights. In about 12 minutes Redmond featured a number of times making technical mistakes - poor shooting, poor passing or losing the ball or whatever. I think it was his 400th professional game or something? It's all very well if a forward shows a few moves or something during a game but I assume a striker gets paid largely for either scoring or assisting somebody to score? I remember Ruud (sp) van Nistle Roy (sp?) very successful career getting plenty of easy goals that were often made for him by the other players. If Redmond isn't scoring or creating scoring chances then maybe it's time to give somebody else an opportunity.  I played rugby and come from a rugby-playing country. I would appreciate not being slammed if this is nonsense. 

    Lol, credit for persevering with the character bio

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