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  1. 12 reasons why i dont give a **** about Mopo!!


    1) win % is very poor

    2) no loyalty

    3) had his head turned by 1st club showing any interest

    4) doesnt/ wont speak English

    5) never shown any love for club or fans

    6) FA cup

    7) one style, no plan B

    8 ) hes easily replaceable

    9) we have an amazing squad - any manager could have got us to 8th

    10) he's a moody / ungrateful ****

    11) £6m a year :lol:

    12) hes won nothing as a manager


    The end

  2. Just wonder if we had chased the FA Cup and a place in Europe , which many agree was achievable we would be seeing players apparently wanting to leave.


    Players want to earn money and win medals......


    Le Tissier is the oerfect example - superb player but won nothing. He must regret that now.


    There was rumours of a large bust-up / arguement after that FA cup final exit, you can understand why.

  3. Another one of your bullsh!t claims which could well happen. Likelihood is he'll have decided whether he's staying or going by the end of May, seeing as though the club has said they'll talk about it after the last league game which is Sunday....


    It's going to be Christmas in December, does that make me ITK?


    we seem to have posters meeting / chatting with the owners and management on a daily basis - Im sure one of them cant ask them and verify


    you could then apologise.... but of course you wont ;)

  4. accept that MP is a very good manager and is wanted by a lot of clubs, not seeing much talk of Monaco Spurs etc wanting Adkins. You just cant see a decent manager when its in front of your eyes...although Im sure you are delighted with Awford;)


    You are obsessed with Adkins - let it go mate, he left a long time ago.


    Has a single club said they want Mopo?? Nope


    Agent work clear and simple

  5. Ralph was keen to downplay Pochettino's impact when we spoke the other night. I think he agrees with Glasgow.


    Imho we have the 8th best squad in the premiership - we finished 8th


    Minimum target/expectation (fans, chairman and players) was 8th


    Any manager worth their salt would have got us to 8th this season - imho

  6. Forren was not a MP signing as far as i can recall. Whilst the picture shows MP welcoming him i think you will find it was already a done deal. To a degree he did have a legacy left behind by Adkins and Pardew, it is how you deal with it of course and MP's legacy will be far more impressive and most notable if we get him and a large chunk of the squad gone as well


    Surely the test of a good manager is how well they do when things aren’t perfect? If Mopo is going to run as soon as things get a little tough then is he the man for the future?


    Lets face it - this season finishing 8th with our squad of players isn’t really an achievement - it was the minimum expectation.


    If Mopo were to leave and no players left - id expect a half decent manager to at least repeat this seasons success - wouldnt you?

  7. has the new man had the benefit of MP legacy of youth,and how has Adkins done?


    Cant have it both ways mate :D


    Has Mopo had the benefit of Adkins legacy of youth and signings?


    Mopo has made 4 signings since joining us -


    Lovren - Fantastic

    Wanyama - TBC

    Osvaldo - Nightmare

    Forren - Nightmare


    Mopo is using/relying on the youth and team signed / nurtured under Adkins and Pardew? no?

  8. Kindly explain how, after stagnating in the Champ for 5 years with owners we hate, finally being relegated to league 1, is in any way comparable to our third season back in the most supported league in the world and not buying enough players?


    Do you support the premiership?

    Do you support the owners?


    Or do you support the Saints?



    Here is a chart which illustrates our season ticket sales over the last 10 years -



  9. When I asked the people that I sit with if they are renewing their ST's for next season they all said yes. Not one said: depends who we sell/sign or if the manager leaves. That's because they support Saints.



    Yep thats what I love about Saints fans - loyal to the end.


    It still amazes me that season tickets sales remained exactly the same during our drop from the prem to L1 and back again.


    Most loyal fans on the planet imho

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