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  1. Heartbreaking. We deserved so much more than that.


    I bet most Man Utd fans will have forgotten about it already, just another win for them, another trophy. I bet the League Cup isn't even considered important to them.


    Yet it would have meant the world to us.


    I'm very proud of the club, credit to Puel and the players for the cup run, and I thought our support was great. Roll on next season, I'd love another day out at Wembley.

  2. Such a good player that he could comfortably play in any position on the pitch. I genuinely believe he could get in any side on the planet including Barca, Real, Bayern and the like. Beast.


    Likewise. Which is why it'll be bloody annoying if he goes to anyone in the Premier League.

  3. Rubbish mate. I think must fans been v happy with ranieri. Puel isn't same class.


    This post made me go and have a look at the thread on the Leicester forum when Ranieri was appointed.


    There was mixed reaction. Some were happy, some weren't.


    I did like this post though: He doesn't have to win the league, just keep us out of trouble.

  4. Perhaps Liverpool had a buy back deal, ala Real Madrid, for Lambert? And after the Swansea signings this week who can blame Mahrez?


    You might be on to something...


    Seriously though, the twitter account is hilarious. I cannot believe people would fall for it. The following are all tweets from today:


    Carragher: 'Crystal Palace should sell Steve Mandanda ASAP!'

    Carragher: 'Manchester City should sell Samir Nasri ASAP!'

    Carragher: 'Crystal Palace should sell Jason Puncheon ASAP!'

    Carragher: 'Middlesbrough should sell Antonio Barragan ASAP!'

    Sergio Aguero close to sealing Manchester United move.

    Riyad Mahrez to club bosses: 'Let me join Newcastle.'


    I wonder if Leicester fans will be on their forum worrying as "someone off twitter" said Mahrez is off to Swansea/Newcastle, just like a couple of people did over the Puel/Bertrand punch up... Also, Carragher needs to wind his neck in.

  5. I'm amazed people would even reference the Betrand/Puel bust up 'rumour'. Like someone said above, it's from a bot on twitter called @bestITKreporter, which should be enough to put you off anyway.


    This bot is responsible for such exclusive transfer news such as "Mahrez looking to force Swansea move" and "Manchester City keen on Liverpool star Rickie Lambert", both tweets posted within the last hour.


    "Someone on Twitter" is not a source.

  6. I've been at Anfield where Rickie Lambert got a round of applause from the Saints fans as he came on for Liverpool, and I've been at Anfield when Lallana got a torrent of abuse.


    Both deserved.

  7. I think possibly the 3-1 win over Man City at home. Our first season back in the Prem, it had been a frustrating start after losing 8 out of our first 10 games. After that we drew a lot, lost a few, beat QPR, Newcastle, Reading and Villa, but then came the English champions on a crisp February night... And we smashed them. That evening for me felt so special, probably because I'd had a few beers beforehand, but on the way home I kept saying that I couldn't believe we'd just torn the English champions a new one. League One was not a distant memory, to see us down there and then to see us back in the Prem beating a team like Man City was a great feeling.

  8. I honestly think you're misguided if you think ISIS would sit down and negotiate with the West. This is an organisation who were condemend by the Afghanistan Taliban, themselves an organisation who deem it acceptable to shoot little girls in the head simply for daring to go to school.

  9. I didn't say that. And at that point we didn't know about the death camps.


    We knew in 1942. Jan Karski.


    Back to the original OP and the British ISIS fighters that were killed - I read one of their tweets yesterday, describing the slow and laborious decapitation of a prisoner, and how the "brother" next to him just decided to use his gun in the end. Ended the tweet with 'lol'. This is what we are dealing with. Absolutely no sympathy when they get blown to bits by a drone. They made their bed when they left the UK for Syria and I'm glad the UK Government have forced them to lie in it.

  10. We were at war with Germany. This conflict is a lot less black and white. We may be at war with terrorists but they don't wear convenient uniforms and they don't come from just one country. The rules of engagement are a lot more cloudy than they used to be.


    Of course. But when your intelligence tells you that these chaps are ISIS terrorists from the UK, are you not supposed to engage because this conflict is different than previous conflicts? The uniforms may be different, but there are many similarities.


    Not forgetting the Middle Ages where we sent thousands of God fearing Christians to the Middle East to butcher those nasty Muslims. Good to know we have the moral higher ground.


    Not quite as simple as that is it... For example, calls for First Crusade caused the massacre of thousands of Jews in France and Germany... The last crusade was what, 800 years ago? I can't see how this is a legitimate reason for Islamist aggression. It'd be like us kicking off with Norway for their "Viking" raids and the murder of Christians on British soil over 1000 years ago...! The WMD thing I can understand, a lie and I think Blair et al should be held accountable. I just think the Crusades are largely irrelevant these days.

  11. In my eyes these guys surrendered all of their rights when they went off to fight for a murderous group like ISIS who have committed horrific atrocities in the name of religion. If these guys want to hurt us, should we sit back and let them?


    We hung people who collaborated with the Nazis... Imagine if in 1944 the government had the Britisches Freikorps all killed in an airstrike or something, would people be questioning their government's actions? I don't think so personally?


    The Sun headline is stupid - But what do you expect from the Sun?

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