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  1. https://twitter.com/pompey_rob/status/638809010188230656 :lol:
  2. I think I'll wait until the next set of clues until I hazard a guess.
  3. I reckon it was Benjani. He must be about 50 years old.
  4. That Joe Michalzcuk statement is pretty damning. The PST have been almost been portrayed as a whiter than white organisation before now, I just hope the wider media pick up on it and report it. And Neil Allen is a ****.
  5. Cheers. That's if they survive next season in League Two of course... Plenty of teams have been relegated from League One only to struggle the following season. If there's no improvement from their team, they're destined for non-league.
  6. Serious question: If the PST have been struggling to find the funds to takeover the club, how are they supposed to keep the club going, thinking about bringing players in, wages, stadium maintenance, policing costs etc etc etc?
  7. Telegraph chief sports reporter: Harris bid said to be 100% debt-funded with money from a Malaysian finance house, and club will not own ground.
  8. Vukasin Poleksic, the Montenegrin goalkeeper, 30, banned for two years for failing to report a phone call from a criminal gang asking him to help fix Debrecen's Champions League matches against Liverpool and Fiorentina in 2009, has revealed he could have joined Portsmouth in 2007. A player who would later be banned for being corrupt, could only be previously linked to one club...
  9. Marc Jackson's Summary Full negotiations with adminstrators at both Southampton Football Club and AFC Bournemouth. Also involved with restructuring and refinancing proposals at varoius FL and Championship Football Clubs. IT Infrastructure design and project management experience of stadium installations both in the UK and abroad. Extensive contacts in the middle east , Russia and USA. these are either investors with substantial funding for projects or channel partners of Ibase or Akdhar our associated company in Dubai. Specialties Complex distressed takeovers of Football clubs or mana
  10. Brilliant. I'm still gutted that Neil blocked me on Twitter because I said Pompey were ****, which, to be fair, is a fact. He replied saying he was blocking me for swearing. What a sap.
  11. A plea from the club was sent to Pompey fans via email from their manager, which started with: "Everyone knows that Pompey fans are the loudest and most loyal fans in the world" I love their delusion, it's hilarious.
  12. That Neil Allen from Pompey News blocked me on Twitter because I told him "Pompey are ****"... He's probably the worst journalist ever.
  13. I wonder how it feels for such a big club like Pomp*y with the bestest fans in the whole wide world to be in the Carling Cup 1st Round draw, along with us, and with teams like Cheltenham and Dagenham and Redbridge.
  14. I've made 84 (now 85) posts on this thread. Utterly pointless.
  15. "We desperately need your money. We, are Portsmouth Football Club" Good old Andy Parsons, quality.
  16. Chester have been wound up owing around £26,000... Pompey owe how much???
  17. Gordon Brown said it is a "sad day for a great football club". What planet is he on?! Was it not a sad day for Saints when we went into admin. What about Palarse? Brown didn't wade in then so why is he saying it now about the no-bit embarrassment that is the skates. It's a sad day when a soldier dies in Afghanistan, not when a financially mismanged football club goes into admin. T*sser. On a slightly more lighter note, found it funny hearing Pompey fans approach Storrie on the radio. "1.2 million a year Storrie?! 1.2 million a year. Explain that mate. You're 'aving a laff mush" Was h
  18. QPR fans on SSN calling their club the "laughing stock of English football". Don't worry QPR fans. That title is reserved for our fishy friends Pompey.
  19. PES, I stopped reading at the word 'Serious'.
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