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  1. So in other words, if they don't get some non-loan investment in the next month then they are completely fúckt. Cheers for teh info.
  2. What's happened regarding this appeal, and what does it mean for the club? I'm confused.com.
  3. Cheerio, cheerio, cheerio, Cheerio, cheerio, cheeriooooo
  4. I don't know that joke, care to enlighten me? And no, they don't eat me up at all! Hence why I didn't put "F*cking Pompey skate bastards, telling f*cking jokes like that, look where they are now, f*cking twáts"... Nope, I simply commented on how times have changed!
  5. I've just remembered that HILARIOUS joke about it being sunny in Portsmouth and minus ten in Southampton. HA HA HA. I get the feeling it's now incredibly gloomy and overcast in Portsmouth, with threats of a thunderstorm, whilst here in Southampton the sun is starting to peep through the clouds.
  6. Thanks Colin, although I'm not sure I can wait that long :mad:
  7. Someone needs to just stick the boot in to Pompey and have done with it. I'm starting to get fed up of their long, slow, drawn-out and painful death. Whilst it still has a degree of hilarity to it, when will it end?!
  8. Anyone else just hear "Oh when the Saints" being sung?
  9. Pompey are trying to get fans in to clear their pitch of snow and ice and stuff, and they will give not one, but TWO free tickets to anyone that helps. Talk about desperation.
  10. Brilliant post yoda, any objections to me sending that to a few of my mates?
  11. As I said before, linked to Lyon in a £4m deal.
  12. So Pompey officials promised the players would be paid today, and they still haven't been paid? On another note, Kaboul looks to be going to Lyon for £4,000,000.
  13. Just saw this on wiki: "Due to the credit crisis the Horsea Island development has been put on hold. The previous proposal to rotate the existing pitch at Fratton Park by 90 degrees has been re-instated. Work is due to begin late 2009, with a gradual increase in capacity until completion in 2010 ending with a capacity of 30,000" I presume that's not happening now then? lololololol
  14. Does anyone know if HMRC are recruiting or if they have any vacancies?
  15. What's bugging me is: Where is Ali Al Faraj?!?!?!?! He bought them, and seems to have pumped absolutely NO money into the club. He has missed 2/3 months of wages now, and seems to have disappeared off the face of the planet. If he was even real in the first place, that is...
  16. Yeah, and in my short lifetime (well, short compared to most of you on here) I have hated them for, well, since I can remember.
  17. Thanks, but I don't need sympathy. I love to hate them.
  18. I can't explain my hatred for them, I've had it for so long. The amount of hatred aimed our way when we were in admin and the amount of stick I've received has only re-enforced my hate for them.
  19. I consider myself an intelligent lad, and I go for the tribal hatred lark. I'm sure many other intelligent people on here would agree with me. I hate them. Don't try and take some moral high ground.
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