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  1. I didn’t comment on here after Palace as I didn’t want to be viewed as a ‘bed wetter’ but, I was dismayed at that ‘performance’ and hoped it was a one off. Seems it wasn’t, from comments made here. The squad is overloaded with too many very average players, that was evident last season. Yet we have done little to address this.
  2. Summed up the problem, imo. I fail to see any positives from that display, none. We were pedestrian all over the park. Two very average teams on the field today. I’m glad there no spectators there as they would have had their pocket picket, poor value.
  3. What a difference from the first 45!
  4. Two poor teams. I’ve honestly seen better up the Sports Centre. Obifemi needs a bath and a seat in the stands.
  5. Not for me, on my iPad, thanks though.
  6. Any working streams, please?
  7. Oh dear me! A few bitter & miserable buggers on here wanting to deprive Liverpool from deservedly winning the title. They have been the best team by a mile in the Prem. Good luck to them, I just wish Saints were up there with them.
  8. Excuse the bad language but he is shi te as a Ref.
  9. I think we done well out of the situation as he was so very keen to move on.
  10. Funny old game football. 5 minutes ago, people were calling for his head on a stick?
  11. Wow! I didn’t expect that. I was wrong with the Villa result and massively wrong today! I’m eating a huge slice of humble pie.
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