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  1. Why did the fact he is promoting the chess industry make me laugh out loud?
  2. It was nothing to do with the club, selling the TV wouldn't help them in any way thank God! Poor blokes won't have a team to support in a few weeks, poor bastards...
  3. That would be hilarious if true!!! :smt041
  4. My stepdad has just been to a job in Havant and he said the two blokes he works with are massive Pompey fans, they had a TV set up in the corner of the room with the game on it... :mad: However, one of the blokes knows a lot of the ins and outs, and he has fully prepared himself for liquidation. He believes there is no way out now.
  5. If they get wound up and the news is announced early the next day it would be a terrific birthday present :cool:
  6. Surely it was the High Court that let them off. HMRC put forward their case, said Pompey owed them 11.5 mil, and that they were insolvent. The Judge then said they could have 7 (effectively 9) days to pay up, or shut up.
  7. Stupid skate bastard wánker on SSN. I hope we fxcking destroy them and then they go out of business completely 6 days later. Horrible bloke.
  8. He said to me: "Haven't you got a LDV Johnstone Milk Vans Cup clash to be focusing on?"
  9. Just looked at the betting slip blu-tacked to my wall. "Portsmouth to be relegated from the Premier League 09/10 season". If do go bust, what happens with my bet? If they don't go bust, I will wish I had put more than £3 on, FFS.
  10. Mark Lawrenson on MOTD just now: "The penny has dropped, Pompey are seriously relegated"
  11. Rumours of Pompey signing McGleish from Orient on loan. He is a 35 year old League One striker. They must be desperate.
  12. I once saw a Pompey season ticket nailed to a tree. "I'll have that" I thought. After all, you can't have too many nails.
  13. Ah yes, sound. In other words: They are f*cked.
  14. Wouldn't be surprised now to see an exodus of fed up players leaving for free. Is it during the 14 days, or after 14 days, that they can walk?
  15. "It's a sorry state of affairs at Fratton towers .. and I can not see an end to it .. Can you ?" Er, yes, actually, I can! :smt073
  16. We sold Surman to pay the wages, supposedly, and we still were in/went into admin.
  17. Ah yes that's right, remember now. Cheers mate.
  18. Did I read somewhere that if their staff don't get paid for a third time, then they will be wound up/placed in admin/other punishment? I am sure I read it, but I could have been dreaming. I do have some odd dreams; Pompey v Saints FA Cup final the other night.
  19. LOL! Gaddafi Jnr. Seriously! Can their pending doom get any more hilarious? Course it can, and I can't wait.
  20. Aha, here's a facebook status from a skate lad I know: "Please could: The FA, The Premier League, HM Revenue and Customs, Arsenal, Chelsea, Remnes, Lens, Udinese, Sol Campbell, Richard Scudamore, Mr Justice Newey and Harry Redknapp JUST F*CK OFF AND LEAVE US ALONE"
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