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  1. Also if we had better finishers. I'll take a point against Leicester. More investment, better players, better squad etc. Inconsistency in the final third is what will send us down eventually. The teams who get relegated don't score many goals.
  2. There are no absolutes in all this. Ralph has his strengths and his weaknesses but he's about as good as we can attract at the moment. Combine Ralph's qualities along with the lack of investment in the team and the overall output is to be expected. We're slowing dying, anyone can see it. It's not attributable to a single player or the manager, its the big picture problem of being broke and playing in the richest league in the world. We'll get relegated soon, the question is how soon. That is the reality of the situation unless club ownership changes. Everyone around us gets richer or in
  3. The defence carried the team the first 10 games of the season and now they have reverted back to playing as we would expect our wastefulness in the final third is really showing up as a genuine reason we should all be concerned about the long term future. As well as we've done in the transfer market recently, the one place you can't skimp is with strikers and £10m gets you finishing like we've now come to experience on a weekly basis.
  4. Heavily rumoured on Sky from what I read.
  5. Ah, so its Eddie Howe taking up the Mark Hughes at Man City role at Newcastle. Probably worth it for the payoff in 2 years.
  6. It probably helps that Gray and Townsend, both wingers, play on the wing for Everton and Benetiz plays to their strengths. At Southampton they would be played as 'Number 10's', be asked to run about alot pressing and only get the ball in central areas where they would struggle like any other winger. Both would fail in our system as all our other Number 10's are bar Armstrong I would say, and that's because he can operate in central areas comfortably with the ball and he has an engine on him.
  7. The accounts are there for all to see. A wage bill not justified by on pitch performance and below average income. COVID definitely impacted things obviously but we were trending the wrong way before that financially. If the club could be run sustainably AND our Premier League status be comfortably assured then our owner would not be looking to sell and our CEO would not be seeking investment. This club cannot be run sustainably and maintain a presence in this league any more.
  8. I don't know if it was unseemly or not, but we said no to one investor and Semmens is on the record as saying he could find an investor very quickly if he wanted but they may be unseemly: https://www.hampshirelive.news/sport/football/football-news/martin-semmens-southampton-newcastle-takeover-6024374
  9. Some interesting views around morality and fan experience of supporting your team. Both mean something to fans but not to the club I would say. Relegation is catastrophic for Saints and the club would not want it. Martin Semmens having previously spoke about investment from parties that the fans would not warm up has also on the other hand signed off commercial deals with betting companies and crypto-currency companies under the grounds of income for the club to remain competitive. It would suggest to me that he is acutely aware of the situation we're in and knows that the current cade
  10. One of our genuine relegation rivals with a state backed takeover this evening. One more nail in the coffin for our ability to stay in this league based on our current business model. And its not that our model is fundamentally wrong, it's that it doesn't work in the rich playground like the Premier League.
  11. This too is what tempers any enthusiasm about a run of 'winnable' games. Our strikers aren't particularly efficient and our team is not very creative, so I don't really feel like the way we play against the better teams gives us much encouragement for facing weaker opposition that play much more defensively.
  12. It's about the bigger picture. 4 league wins since January 4th. Those league wins against teams placed at the time 20th, 18th, 17th and 14th. Also in that span 26 goals scored, 56 conceded. Club is heading one way and anyone pretending otherwise is deluded. It's happening this season or next unless a takeover happens and we get investment. I accepted earlier this month after Semmens initially gave us all hope in May investment might be coming. No-one is blameless - players can do better, Ralph can do better etc. but in the big picture the club cannot succeed in the Premier Le
  13. And get who? Club has been decaying for 5 years and desperately needs investment. Semmens was bullish about it in May and nothing has happened. I don't care who you have in charge the Premier League is a rich mans playground and we're the equivalent of the homeless man who sells off his most valuable item of clothing each year just to make sure he can live. It's not the 1-0 home defeats against Wolves that are the problem, its the fact we go backwards every summer which mean we get closer and closer to relegation.
  14. It does have an impact, but it happens to all U23 and U18 teams so isn't a difference maker. Our coaching and talent is clearly a problem. Don't score goals, concede too many, and play badly as well. It's just rotten. EDIT: I do think we have some talented players, but no more than a handful and the moment they are injured or are training with the first team the lack of depth, and lack of quality of depth, really exposes us and we're whipping boys.
  15. B Team playing WBA at home and two down at HT. Conceded the first after 2mins, and the second on the stroke of HT. Something is going catastrophically wrong and given how blunt Crocker was in the summer about fixing it whatever has been attempted hasn't worked.
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