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  1. Didnt he have a list of 100 things fans had done at the Dell, it was a great read, very funny but so true.
  2. ladysaint


    I have the same problem as I have to buy a group of tickets and its is annoying, you don't even get the tickets now when you buy them they are either sent out or in my case have to go and collect them from the TO as order more than 6. Another thing when booking tickets online for a group why do they charge you £1.25 for each ticket and not £1.25 for the transaction. I had to pay out another £12.50 when recently ordering 10 tickets as could not get to the ground to order them.
  3. What about Keith didn’t he originally start the old Saintsforever forum many moons ago.
  4. Umpahars, what happened to him a really nice guy.
  5. Bremner v Keegan was a good one.
  6. John Bailey and any Saints player.
  7. Still about 30 tickets left for Palace on the OS ticket website if anyone still looking.
  8. Please please come back and work with RH as our DOF
  9. Looking for a ticket if anyone has one pls
  10. I didn’t think you got a free pint only a free programme for your £200+ membership of the Gasworks.
  11. Thus club have no regard for the pie and pint fan only interested in the corporates now. On another site we are reminiscing about the old Dell Club a proper supporters club and all the great times we had now we have nothing.
  12. The HT entertainment last night was an embarrassment, dont see why we need it at all or maybe just have young kids teams playing a quick 5 / 7 a side knockout tournament during the season.
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