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  1. Spurs fans saw that stats and claimed he was the best rated midfielder in the league. There was never a clamour from anyone to sign him, until Everton had a nibble and Spurs went for it. None of their fans would have had a second look at him had it not been for their blind loyalty. Think Danny Murphy summed it up today on talkSport. He said that Hojbjerg (and the bloke from Wolves) wouldn't get in a top 4 side. Spurs think that they are top 4 but are signing players that aren't.
  2. As we're already in the self-sustainable model (and have been for years), then what difference will it make if he doesn't put any money in?
  3. Do Mark Wright and Steve Moran count? Arrested on allegations of rape
  4. Maybe his quarantine wasn't quite long enough.
  5. Agree. FWIW, I think he'll do OK there but not meet the expectations of most of their fan base.
  6. Reached an agreement with Lemina, but not (yet) with SFC
  7. I really cannot believe that anyone is giving him s**t for wanting to go to one club rather than another. Yet it seems that people are! And no, they don't have the same agent. https://metro.co.uk/2020/08/13/jose-mourinho-pierre-emile-hojbjerg-arsenal-transfer-tottenham-13124966/
  8. So PEH should really have gone to Everton just to suit Southampton Football Club and screw him and his future ??? 😶
  9. With out wanting to be rude, this is one of the more moronic posts on this thread.
  10. What's the latest with old Mario? Is he staying in Turkey?
  11. Do some clubs insist on NDAs from the other party? I do remember reading a good article some time ago, that basically said the fees are never really that accurate. Buying clubs tend to under state things, selling clubs overstate. That is if either mention it. Some chairmen apparently like to bandy about figures to appease the fans.
  12. I'm wondering if we do sign Salisu, whether he can partner Bednarek, and push Stephens up to DM. To me he has shown that he can carry the ball forward quite well.
  13. Would be surprised if £25m, unless its the same £20m + £5m add ons that EFC supposedly agreed.
  14. Spurs don't want it to drag into September or even October (window closes 5th October). People say that Levy has us over a barrel, but this is one thing we can do to counter things, to drag it out. KWP will also be dragged out, so if he is our choice, then it is somewhat cutting our nose off to spite our face, that is unless Levy is demanding far too much for him.
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