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  1. Quick question re Villa. IIRC they've spent a net £300m over the last 3 seasons. Does FFP still exist? Guess it also shows a wee difference between their owner and ours.
  2. Egg going down to Curry's tomorrow to get a new TV......
  3. Is it wrong that I want Scotland to win (have to think that it's my mother's Scottish blood coming out in me)?
  4. I know it's Scotland, but don't all of us want McAdams to score?
  5. Does anyone know for sure whether we are going to be issued with ST cards or whether it will be electronic? Or is it all in the air at the moment?
  6. Maybe it's just a touch of megalomania and desire for control.
  7. Increase revenue?? Think it will do exactly the opposite. I can go to nearly al the games, my son can't. I don't want to go alone and sit without family or friend, so instead, I will let my STs go.
  8. Well they really should know what's what before selling renewed STs.
  9. Hmmm. 5 years of crap, a league that we have no chance of winning. Think if this is the case, then my time is done. But I'll call the ticket office and see what's what.
  10. Are tickets all moving to electronic now, or still with cards? I'm pretty much in the same boat as you and won't bother renewing my two if it is electronic only.
  11. Since 2015?? To me it was before that - 2012. Once we got promoted, we then went into a period of no investment from the owner and instead were run like any other business in that we had to be self sustaining. Great in principle, but football isn't like any other business. And there's no need to point out that many others use it as a play thing and are happy to make losses. Against that, we have no chance of competing. We were lucky with recruitment, but in the past few years, there's been no one who has really improved so much that we can carry on as before. Maybe Ings, but with 1 year left,
  12. I'm in Block 30 and quite happy there. Wouldn't think it worth while upgrading unless there was more leg room and more shoulder room. Who cares about a padded seat? If it really is an issue then you can bring along a cushion. A lot cheaper than paying £250 a ticket.
  13. My ST is in JJ. Love it up there. Can see the whole pitch, though reckon maybe AA might be ideal.
  14. Pretty shambolic,. I tried to order a ticket where I usually sit (Kingsland Premium), gives me a ticket number, go through to complete and it says either a ticket already allocated or not eligible. Try a few times same message. So times out. Go for it again, and all those tickets gone. So book somewhere else and it works. Can anyone upgrade themselves or does the type of ST you have limit to what is on offer?
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