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  1. Might interest some.... https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/msds-new-uk-holding-company-18537244
  2. Want Watford, West Ham, Villa to go down but suspect it will be Norwich, Villa, Bournemouth Don't mind so much who comes up. Brentford maybe. Anyone but Leeds.
  3. Impressions can give an inaccurate version of things, but that's all I've got to go on, and as such, it would be Adams. Obafemi seems a bit too cock sure of himself. Having said that, to be a good striker, I think you have to have a touch of that. Adams seems more humble, but no less determined, and given that he is surely desperate to score his first, he is unselfish when he could be out to break that duck. He also is strong and holds the ball very well when hoofed out of the back in panic, which has relieved a lot of pressure.
  4. Well, on the bright side, at least I'll be getting a refund on my ST for yet another loss.
  5. Is the ticket office open, as I need/want to turn up in person and sort out an issue that has been on going for a couple of seasons now?
  6. Newcastle have one thing against them, and that is location. To me it is a beautiful part of the country, but do footballing (mercenary) super stars want to live there?
  7. It's my opinion (if that's OK with you?). Looks **** and the sound/echo is dire. Guess I also didn't take into account goal line tech and VAR at Staplewood.
  8. Haven't read the thread, so not sure if mentioned, but as a spectacle, would Saints games at Staplewood be better on TV than at SMS? Stadia with banks of empty seats is such a bad look. It can't be worse than Staplewood can it?
  9. What's happened.... This season and the 3 previous it has cost me £36.85 per point. In the 2 seasons prior to that (the Koeman years), it was £20.20 per point. In 14/15 & 15/16 we lost a total of 9 games in those 2 seasons at home.
  10. angelman

    Our Support

    Even the Kingsland got motivated......!!!!!
  11. Just IMO, I think she might have been surprised to have got £210m AND the 20% retained. She can write them off and still be way ahead of the game. Her father's legacy has done well.
  12. I think you're being very naive if you think she was naive. She got £210m for an 80% stake. Seems pretty smart to me. Does she care what happens to us under the new owner? I guess she might have a preference, but there are 210 million reasons why it wouldn't be of paramount concern.
  13. Any and all with a connection to Liverpool. And one of their worst crimes is that they seem to think everyone has a soft spot for Liverpool. TBH I might if they and the press didn't go on and on and on and on about them. But if you can include him as a pundit (though not sure you can), Jim White. What a sycophantic ball gargler.
  14. Not sure many of us can believe we actually paid £20m on him either.
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