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  1. If they've paid the old manager £8m to go, then imagine how much they'd be prepared to pay a new manager to come. And let's face it, throw enough money at something, and you'll likely get your man.
  2. Heavens forbid. We might get something like the Friends Provident St Mary's Stadium, and that would never do.
  3. I agree with the sustainability part, as all businesses should be run along those lines. Of course we know that it's a euphemism for not putting any external funding in, which is fine, unless you are the only one following that model. As we all know it is now a league of various parts. The Big Boys plus an interloper or two (maybe). A couple more knocking on their glass ceiling. And the rest which is basically bottom half. So the question is for us, is the PL too rich for us to compete 11-17? I think with our model it is. The elephant in the room is - with Gao of course wanting to ma
  4. First off, if we got taken over by the Saudis or some other person as rich as Croesus, then I wouldn't mind joining the top table. Of course I could ignore the bigger picture as we'd be all right Jack. But we aren't. I can be negative about it all. We all know that owners now aren't the local businessman with a connection to the club. We all know that clubs are effectively franchises, and owners have little thought for the fans. Hence why they are happy for overseas games, the Super League, etc etc. As one journo said, the PL isn't English football, it's football in England. It seem
  5. Absolutely. Dire match played out by 2 Championship standard teams.
  6. Sh*t team. Pretty cr*p atmosphere. All round, a sh*t day.
  7. "Did anyone really believe that two average players from a mid-table club could help us...?" https://www.foxestalk.co.uk/topic/126561-vestergaard-signs/?do=findComment&comment=6148833 This is what I find quite sad. LCFC and SFC really aren't hugely different, or rather there's no reason why we should be. But we are obviously down to the owners.
  8. Vestie best not venture on to twitter, where he seems to be trending. Many seem impressed that we got £15m for him. Never like an ex player struggle. They're none too happy with Bertie either.
  9. Well that answers my question above, but f*** me it opens up a lot more.
  10. 2 clean sheets in a row against a WHU on fire, and ManC. So can't complain about that. Hope JS isn't injured for too long, but I think we're blessed with 3 pretty decent CBs I've tried taking my Saints tinted glasses off, about the red/pen VAR. I can understand why maybe not a red, but can someone explain to a simpleton like me, why wasn't that a pen?
  11. Always love it that a Pogba and Maguire could get you the whole of the club.
  12. Better manager maybe, or at least one with a superstar name. But tell me, when Mané came, who were all these better players you refer to?
  13. One of the probs with my ST was that it now had to read the bar code. Last season, just shove it in the slot and go. Now, you have to scan the bar code which takes far longer. Half the people seemed not to be able to work it out either. Maybe that has to be the way to do it, if also having QR readers. Not really an improvement.
  14. Not everyone. Just general tickets, and not season tickets - or have I misunderstood?
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