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  1. That high!! I must have seen the other 16%
  2. Would be interesting to see his pass completion stats.
  3. But they're talking about up to 34 more games held mid-week. What do big clubs play in domestic and CL games - 13 to the final of CL, 6 to final of EFL and 6 to final of FA Cup? Scrap those and replace with Euro PL, and that's still 9 more games. Get rid of 2 PL teams and that gets it down to 5 more. etc etc The Champ League being scrapped frankly is neither here nor there for us, given that we have pretty much no chance of qualifying. What seems really tedious about it, is that the founding members are going to avoid relegation for 20 years. But not sure many, apart from the owners
  4. Would be funny if during recuperation, he gets tapped up by Koeman, and once recovered, refuses to play and goes to Barca.
  5. wasn't it going to be Cardiff?
  6. Interesting bit about our (supposed) reaction to it all...... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8853205/SPORTS-AGENDA-Southampton-rage-Big-Picture-duo-Rooneys-calling-shots-Derby.html
  7. Thanks....my memory's not what it used to be, or maybe it's easy to get confused, as you say, by which one of The Boys From Brazil is which.
  8. Wasn't it him who Chelsea tried to buy when he was 16 or 17? Or was that someone else? Seems that the academy of late has turned out a fair few players who aren't quite at the top of the game, which is a real shame.
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