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  1. https://www.livesoccertv.com/channels/pptv-sport-china/
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    Sorry if you've been dipped into believing Flawless is no longer working I am delighted to report its work on better than ever. Don't always believe what gets posted by unintelligent and impatient posters
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    The service is working fine. Reboot router and device and if still the same advise what app, device and internet provider you are using Regards David
  4. Even John Terry couldn't do any worse and may even dova whole lot better
  5. Bertrand, is not the player Hughes, should have chosen as Captain. He is incapable of leading. Yoshi is far superior and leaving him out of the team is Hughes biggest error. We have advanced little from last season and once again we are incapable of scoring and collapse defensively. We remain relegation fodder without drastic change in tactics and team selections G3s in
  6. ART

    R.I.P Cliff Huxford

    . I have, just read Just learned of the sad passing of my hero Cliff Huxford. Was shocked to read he'd been suffering from Alzheimers for many years and finished gis days in care. His death comes shortly after his wife's passing. R. I. P. eternally Cliff. You were a true legend to me and with be a Saint forever.
  7. Thanks Norm for those kind words. Here are 2 amazing free Apps you can download on to your smart phones. It has 100's of TV Channels + 100's of the best Sports channels. And it's completely FREE https://youtu.be/f29fG66w4C0
  8. An incredible new Kodi add-on, entirely free, is now available from MITCH'S PLACE on YouTube. Its called Replays4US Here you can watch replays of all your favorite sports from football, cricket, boxing, rugby, Formula 1 and many more. This is an amazing library where you can watch again sports you love, or may have missed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpc_Fzz1b2o
  9. ART

    Mark Hughes

    The continual delays and dilly dallying on appointing the new manager shows that the Board haven't learned a thing from last seasons fiasco. Time for Krueger and Reed to step down and for new brooms to sweep clean. ?
  10. I'd bring in Pieds at right back and play Cedric down the left with Bertrand and Tadic. Cedris is our hidden goal scorer. Goals are what we need and he's the answer if we play him on the left
  11. For those wanting to revertto an earlier versionm I would like to confirm that I have succeeded in downgrading Flawless TV to Version 0.80. After uninstalling, [firstly unclicking auto update]one needs to go to Install from Zip file. Click in your Flawless source then from the list that appears, go to Plug-ins and click on it, and scroll down to the Version 0.80 zip, click on it and wait for it to install.
  12. Does anyone know how to revert to Version 80 o0f Flawless. Unable to read the pale green background pages with white text
  13. FLAWLESS USERS will need to install 2 new upgrades. Version 1.0.0 and 1.0.1. If they wish to watch future matches. Don't wait till the kick off to do these updates
  14. Taking off Long we absolutely feel apart. Austen was awful and Hughes decision to go with Bertrand as captain since he arrives had lost of true inspiration that the likes of Maya would have given us. Add to all this the recall of Steven Davis sums up how we're letting chances slip away. Why weren't Sims and McQueen involved? Answer??? Probably cause Bertrand is influencing who's getting a game.
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