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  1. If only you'd do the same with here !
  2. He's going to sign in the middle of the pitch before our first pre season game isn't he !?
  3. simo


    Do we know where they want Hojbjerg dropping yet , I'll book the taxi .
  4. Well deserved , worked hard thru the season and took a good look at himself after the 9 nil .
  5. Great performance and win , feeling slightly deflated Ings couldn't get a second goal . I was puzzled why we weren't trying to get the ball up field quicker towards the end .
  6. Jwp has ran 17.4km more than anyone else in the league this season. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11661/11996016/premier-league-running-stats-this-season-revealed
  7. Said nothing about the game .
  8. Glasgow has got a couple of new aliases I see .
  9. simo

    Injury Watch

    That's what Solent said , he was holding it before coming off and again afterwards.
  10. Any news on ings and whether he tweaked his groin yesterday ? Hopefully a weeks rest will sort it out really want him to beat vardy to the golden boot
  11. How much would relegation cost us? , that's how much he was worth this season !
  12. Would like to see the running stats for those other players quoted I doubt they cover as much ground as he does .
  13. They'd be less chance of us conceding with him off and us with ten men than with him playing!
  14. Vestergaard not winning a header to gift a goal , who'd have thought it ! You can also tell Hojbjerg doesn't want to be playing right back .
  15. Couldn't care less neither team mean anything to me.
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