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  1. Well I like them and will probably buy them for the first time in ages .
  2. simo


    For me he's a better player than Rice who is being touted for 70/80m , Better than Delph , Winks, Barkley and Loftus Cheek Who have all been playing for England!?
  3. I doubt they'll be lining up to sign him !
  4. Well I did call 1 nil on Thursday, unfortunately my money went on city to win by a margin. Well pleased for Che, defending has been our weak point at home and last night showed we can do it when we want to . Shame the season finishes is a few more games as I think we could go on a run .
  5. Ok we get it you don't like what he says on Twitter!
  6. Depends how spurs and us do between now and the end of the season , wouldnt be surprised for Jose to get the boot and them come in for Ralph and Ings
  7. simo

    Obafemi or Adams?

    Tbf Adams has forced a lot of keepers into good saves , I don't think I've ever wanted someone to score a goal for us more than him .
  8. The way city are playing tonight I think it might be closer than I first thought ! 1 nil saints .
  9. We've given more points to teams than teams have won against us this season !
  10. How much do we earn from the dippers winning the league?
  11. simo

    Arsenal build up

    He's still under contract to us so presumably can't play ?
  12. simo

    Arsenal build up

    Arsenal fans buzzing to be playing us Thursday 😆 Their Poll is saying 70% saints win .
  13. simo

    Arsenal build up

    Was involved in the build up to the first goal and assisted the second !?
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