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  1. what a load of cobblers you continue to spout, making it up a bunch of porkies
  2. just handed three Brighton away tickets back to the club if you are quick
  3. arfurdent

    Fan Zone

    will there be a Wetherspoons?
  4. also watch the closure of rail services around Brighton on 30 - 31 March. Buses used from Three bridges to Brighton.
  5. so lots of snow up to the midlands and no trains. Going to be fun
  6. s thise who are not staying overnight are walking home staying in in Haworth and travelling by bus
  7. still looking for two tickets if anyone could be so kind, thanks
  8. I am a ST holder and missed out on Bournemouth tickets by one away match. Looking for two tickets, even OAP concessions.
  9. there were not 7000 empty seats at the Bournemouth match. I wonder if HMRC are looking at the tax implications of this report
  10. however I got jumped on by moronic trolls even though the info I supplied was actually correct. Still this forum does seem to attract that sort of poster.
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