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  1. Strange they called you. I havent recieved a call.........
  2. Cant see how they can do this. There was a pandemic on when we purchased season tickets and there was no mention about postcodes at that point so can't introduce it now. Someone mentioned above that most if not all season ticket holders have had man utd/Sheffield utd reimbursed. I havent, am I the only one?
  3. Some people's idea of a nice gesture certainly varies from mine but I'm glad your happy.
  4. I've just checked - I've recieved a refund equalling 2 games (so I have now been refunded for 4 games in total). I presume thus refund relates to Everton and Newcastle. Strange some have recievd the equivalent of games refund of 4 games(in addition to the 2 already recieved - spurs and west brom).
  5. Totally disagree- saints are one of a very small minority of orem clubs who sold tickets. All they needed to do was ask each season ticket holders to pay a retainer (say £50) and then ballot tickets. Instead they decided to force people to purchase a season ticket if they wanted any chance of going this season - a form of bribery I would suggest. They have subsequently changed the boundaries in terms of their so called promise - 14 days changed to 14 working days etc - I could go on..... All in all feel they have dealt with it terribly. However it's not all bad - if I bu
  6. I fortunately had mine today, strangely came in 2 payments - £11.62 and £18.82 - very strange but at least I got it back......
  7. I'm pleased for you - would expect them to get a least some refunded correctly.
  8. Still waiting for a refund and no reply to my email from the ticket. Looks like I will need to phone tomorrow. This isn't really what I signed up for, hassle I could do without. Consequences for the club for breaking their 'promise' = Zero. Consequences if I didn't renew within their stipulated time frame = they flog my season ticket to someone else.
  9. Am I the only one without a refund for west brom?
  10. Ah, someone else talking some sense....
  11. I think you might be semmens love child or semmens himself. Yes we had a choice but we were clearly told 'to retain your seat you have to give us £600+ for your season ticket and if you want to watch any games this season you have to give us £600 for your season ticket. Club could easily have requested say £50 from fans as a retainer to hold their seat and then those who have paid this go into a ballot when we could return. Let's not forgot at the time we purchased our season tickets we knew we could not go to the spurs game but they still decided to charge 14,000 or so fans for this - why not
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