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  1. Wow, so you wouldn't play Tino - baffling.......... Glad your not the manager.
  2. He was utterly shite fir his old club, what makes you think he will be better for us?
  3. Too embarrassed to share them - hopefully there will be a realisation at some point they cannot continue to rip fans off ar every turn (I'm still one by by the way but everyone has their limit).
  4. Wouldn't be contacting the ticket office if I was you - their problem, they should contact you to resolve the issue.
  5. Matt Grimes (Swansea captain) available for less than £5m. Having watched him the other night it would be a great signing for that sort of money.
  6. Be interesting to know if this clown has been on the shop floor maning the ticket office over the last few days to atone for his monumental #uck up. Expect not - probably been sat in his office playing solitaire.
  7. With our recent history of signings and everything we have seen about him its understandable you melt. Your embarrassing- are you related to semmens?
  8. I presume they have had the decency to stay open beyond the planned 14:00 closing time? (although wouldn't surprise me at all if they didn't).
  9. Just picked up my tickets- took 40 minutes. Good luck if you have to get yours on Sunday. Absolute shambles......... blaming third parties only makes it worse for me.
  10. Leaves us approx £25m to spend - that is if you believe every penny is reinvested.
  11. Same here, so I now need to make a special trip to tomorrow to get theirs to save the stress of queuing at the ticket office on Sunday and risk missing the start of the game (why send them out so late when I purchased them months ago). Absolute shambles - makes me laugh when people argue we have a well run club (tickets, kits sponsorships all been ##cked up over the last season or so).
  12. What if Perraud get injured for 3 months or so - chuck him in amd hope for the best. Name me a 17 year who has played regularly in the prem since it was formed 30 years ago or so(expect there may be 1 or 2 but they would certainly be exceptions)...............
  13. Cant be relying on a 17 Yr old in the Premier league - simple as that.
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