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  1. Brighton are in free fall they are this season's Swansea.
  2. Hughes did not keep us up Swansea did by going into freefall if they had won a couple of their games we would have gone down.
  3. I watched it and although Inew we had won I was still on edge watching the game as I was in the ground.
  4. It's a game we have a good chance of winning but I would not be unhappy with a draw.
  5. Thought we rode our luck at times game swung our way when Long and Rom came on..
  6. Toomer

    Krueger departs

    His contract was up in the summer he's gone 3 months early.
  7. I've had mine for nearly forty years and I have seen some good years and some bloody crap.
  8. Wembley hangover or Wembley backlash.
  9. Knowone was showing for who ever was tacking the throw ins.
  10. Ralph wants to have a look at him.
  11. Toomer

    James Ward-Prowse

    Welcome to the hotel tap up.
  12. I would love Spurs to draw City with City at home 2nd leg and Spurs go out.
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