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  1. We are showing our age here............
  2. Sounds like "a must to avoid". Now, where's my coat?
  3. Including pre match build up I counted 9 mentions of 9-0, until someone gets done 10-0 I fear we are stuck with it. At least it was mentioned that we went down to 10 men fairly early on in mitigation.😏
  4. Guess who has scored for QPR............
  5. Surely Stephens has been on the bench recently as full back cover and Salisu for CB?
  6. Same with Shaw. Has to have a whipping boy. I had several bosses like that.
  7. You're on your own with that oneπŸ˜‡
  8. Being somewhat non tech savvy I'm still not sure what that all means. I do not subscribe to any of them. I just get a Now TV day pass ad hoc.
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