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  1. Agreed, my ignore list continues to grow. The standard of some of the posts on this forum is appalling.
  2. Against Leicester as I recall, finished 2-2 I think.
  3. My point is, if they are as bad as everyone seems to think (I don't disagree), how poor must Lewis be?
  4. So, is Lewis even worse than these 2? If so why is he still here?
  5. Mine too, the accompanying letter made hilarious reading given the debacle yesterday.
  6. Still no ticket by the way.........
  7. Sounds Krugeristic to me, Is Silvester a disciple of the f...wit?
  8. After 55 years of mixed emotions I am rapidly falling out of love with this club. If it doesn't arrive tomorrow they can F.O. until they get their f...ing act together. Probably in league 1 the way their mismanagement is going.
  9. No sign of mine yet, club telling me to go to ticket office on Sunday😠
  10. No........I will want a refund for the Man U game, Doh.
  11. Are you there on missionary work?
  12. No sign of mine yet, 2 days left. I am not going to go to the ticket office as a result of their incompetence on Sunday. I will demand and expect a refund should it not arrive tomorrow or saturday.
  13. Have I missed something? You are all talking as if he has gone. Agree with most of the above by the way.
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