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  1. The thing is that because of their attacking style and ball posession the teams start now playing thinking 0-0 is a win and I mean playing defensively which is stopping Spain play their football and attacking chances so at the end if a team can beat Spain is by using this tactics. You can see Spain hardly can score a goal when the rivals use that system. That's why they were not scoring the bunch of goals they normally score. After 3 or 4 years playing the top of that style, the rivals are not silly. Look at Inter or Chelsea how they played against Barcelona, the same way. It's how they can have a chance to beat them too. Same styles so now the teams know how they can have a chance against Spain/Barcelona. That's good to win a tittle or a final, it's tactics and still valid. But for the spectators, it gets boring. If Real Madrid had played that way against Barcelona, or Poland against Spain, it would not have been 2-6 to Barça or 6-0 to Spain. You know what I mean. Teams in the world cup especulated too much against Spain. But all of them had a chance. Look at Switzerland what they did! I am happy for Markus.
  2. Yeah.. Barcelona is crowded with skillfull players, ummm They have played very poor last two seasons you think? Come on we are talking about SKILLS! excess of skills and pretty passing cannot be bad imo. Schweinsteiger good player. I liked him too. It's difficult to get 11 when you liked 6 or 7 more...everyone gets different opinions in the game all the time. Very difficult to agree.
  3. yeah, Johan Cruyff. But I cannot find room for him and he did not play this year. It's about best football team not about the best karate team!
  5. Nothing. I am reading I gave one of my Le Tiss shirt to Xavi on Dec 2nd 2009. Now I just got one left. I already knew a couple of years ago about his admiration for Le Tiss and Cantona. He has mentioned a few times. And Kiko Narváez also admires him, it's a long list of admirers. Why surprised? Delighted. Feliz Navidad
  6. Summers I will send you a lot tonight. Check your mail.
  7. I know a third party who would inject money by getting 50% of some players's rights to help. 200k or 500k could come quickly.
  8. We have been playing good games but results did not come with the performance. Last game could have been very different to the previous games we played. I was not there apart from Claus's game but friends keep informing me what they think and I watch Saints tv that shows something else than just a minute. So far everyone says we are playing better than last season under Burley or Pearson. That's a step forward already, isnt' it? I look forward to taking a plane next month and have a better look. No intention to compare us to Barcelona.... but one day! ;-) If I tell you about the way Atletico de Madrid (or other average clubs) are playing now you may not have not watched a lot yet so Barcelona (or Spain) was perhaps the easiest team to mention to compare to the total football concept that Jan is putting in the club. I never had intention to compare both teams:? but the football philosophy we try to adopt which is better football than the long ball style. And as I said....Total football requires the right players and mentality to get it played. Keep the possesion if the players are good enough as to play the ball on the grass but not looking at the grass!! The team is training the new concept and it'll take some time till we see the reward of the training and minded style. What do you want us to be? Barcelona team and play fantastic and make the fans fill the stadium every week? me too.... but we are Southampton FC and starting a new system and trying to survive with a 20m debt (St Mary's stadium mortage). But we played like Barcelona in the past and one day... we will do again. And I get so dissapointed as you do when we lose or play rubbish but I am confident with the season.
  9. passing backwards is done to guarantee higher posession and as long as we keep the ball the rival will not be able to score. Passing backwards is done to keep playing and opening spaces and making the rival to go forward and ignore the spaces they are leaving behind when they come closer to make pressure in our defenders who are "playing the ball and passing waiting for them to come". If you have the chance to watch Guardiola's Barcelona next month, have a look that's what they have done in the last 20 years adopting the Dutch style. It makes nicer football and if we have the ball.... it's the others who have to come and try to steal the ball from us. If they can't or don't dare... it's them who don't want to play football. It's important to keep ball posession especially after scoring the first goal against the rival. Passing backwards it is done in the top clubs in la Liga. Some average clubs with defenders who have no clue about playing the ball with short pass are keen to shoot long enough as to expect for somebody to take the ball and score. Total football is exciting football but it requires the right players and mentality to get it played. Keep the possesion if your players are good enough as to play the ball on the grass and not looking at the grass!! The team is training the concept and it'll take some time till we see the reward of the training and minded style. I personally believe we will see good results and we will be satisfied at the end of the season. I am excited hearing everyone loves the football the lads are playing this season. I cannot wait to see that.
  10. Sorry. I have checked but we cannot help on that location. I have done a couple of phone calls in the area in most likely places to have SKY but they did not have or did not know where.:mad: It seems you are in a very nice but quite small place and not many brits living there (the other 400.000 brits must be living somewhere else in Spain ) so it has not been possible to help on this occassion. Hopefully somebody else here might know! Enjoy your time there. COYR Regards, Spanish Saints Supporters Club
  11. (I think) Graham followed Huw Jennings's steps... It's his very own decision. Unhappy to leave Saints but also happy for that new job. A fresh start he fancied. There is nothing bad behind his departure unless you want to keep thinking there is something. It's another higher step in his career in his mind and he has gone for it. He will be around.
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