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  1. The replica kits will no doubt be the same as there seems to be an unwritten rule in football that sets the price across the board (ps.I do realise that one or two of the big clubs are even more expensive) ! I would be a bit more optimistic on the casual wear though as their regular range is normally cheaper than the mega prices demanded by UA ! Time will tell but I reckon that it will be a change for the better 👍
  2. Incredible that they let him play on for a bit after doing it, might well have aggravated the problem !
  3. I think that I'll take the refund on the basis that there is still a lot of uncertainty hovering over the coming months ! Who knows what will transpire for next season and they have confirmed that current ST's will get continuation if desired so that's good enough for me ! 👍
  4. JWP and Theo are both very articulate and I'm sure will be candidates for punditry after retirement ! If you add Ings and Armstrong to the list then future is looking quite bright 👍! Some of the current names who were mentioned earlier are deffo not pro Saints ( ie. Hoddle, Souness & Saggychops) also Prutton only does the lower leagues ! Terry Paine was the main man in South Africa for many years but seems to have retired now but I'm pleased to hear that some of our (proper) ex players are involved in some other countries (excluding the pisstakes😝) !
  5. Lots of people on this discussion forum ! The number of mentions that Carragher got in the post match thread is what prompted me to start this one ! Just seems to be a dearth of ex Saints and hardly ever any balance in the studio or co-commentary ! Just trying to stimulate a conversation, not aiming to upset anyone 🤔 !
  6. With all the matches now being televised there is more time devoted to the match pundits and their comments ! I cannot remember the last time a former Saint was used in our recent matches. Sky have sacked MLT, Benali seems to have disappeared now as well and there are no others that I can recall ! I'm discounting the likes of Andy Townsend because his main career was elsewhere. So now we have great performances like last night and have to listen to the one-sided views of Carragher ! I am right on this or just being paranoid ??
  7. Still don't get the negativity over Stuart Armstrong... Great awareness, positionally astute, drives forward & chips in with a few goals ! Clearly a team player who fits with our current strategy and recognised as such by Ralph ! We are on a good run with a stable formation (of which he is part) so this is not the time to be looking for scapegoats or whipping boys ! COYS 😇
  8. Nice man, very sad 😩! RIP Gerard
  9. Agree, both Theo and Stuey have become the ‘whipping boys’ lately on this forum but I think they did well today ! Neither is individually world class but do a great job within the structure of the team... 👍
  10. So far I've had refunds for 4 out of the 5 games played so the Man U one is not yet included ! I guess I'll get it soon !
  11. I opted out when I received the first email (don't like pre-season friendlies cos there's no atmosphere and Redjet service would be a pain in the arse!) and was surprised to find that I had been accepted ! I mailed them back and they responded immediately telling me that it was sorted ! So someone else gets the ticket, fair enough ! Like Lord D said, I've gone to the back of the queue but I can live with that so we move on... No sweat from my side.....
  12. eurosaint

    20/21 Kit

    I few days ago the £5 delivery charge came out of my account which implies that there is activity afoot ! Am expecting two replacement shirts for the doomed previous LS ones but time is getting tight as I want to send them to Belgium to arrive before Xmas !
  13. Armstrong did not have his best game v Man U but he was great in the previous match v Newcastle and clinched the win with the 2nd goal ! He has been pivotal to our system this season and seems to be liked by Ralph so I don't really get the criticism he's receiving on this thread ! I'd play him v Brighton in an unchanged team, hopefully with Ingsey and Redders on the bench !!
  14. Incredibly talented footballer but an equally flawed character ! The 'hand of God' incident should not define him as many, many other footballers have done similar (Thierry Henry v Ireland?). Right now we have players diving and cheating in almost every PL match (Grealish, Salah etc..etc..) so the only thing that made him different was the importance of the fixture and the fact that it was against England ! RIP Diego Maradonna
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