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  1. With far less individual ability (they are the 3rd lowest ranked team in the competition), Scotland had a much better game plan and with a slice of luck / quality finishing would have won it ! England will need to improve dramatically if they are to compete with the likes of France, Germany, Belgium, Italy and Portugal ! Home advantage so far has counted for very little but may come into play later on ! The group stages don't tell you everything as some teams peak early and some late but given the perceived lack of fitness of some key players (Kane, Henderson, McGuire etc..) som
  2. Reading the various reports on this, it seems that the penalty was "negotiated" between the 6 clubs and the PL 🤨. It's been stated as a "goodwill gesture" on their part ! No bloody wonder they got off so lightly, you really couldn't make it up....
  3. This is true but it was high quality piss not like the stuff you get at Nottarf Krap 🤑
  4. Ah, the memories 😇 I can still smell the aroma in our trough style urinals as we speak…..
  5. If this thread is any way indicative of wider public opinion and I think it probably is.... The gesture therefore is becoming inflammatory and ceases to emit a positive message so perhaps should be stopped ! Problem is that the likes of Southgate would now perceive it as a climbdown and won't do it for that reason ! The Euros will be affected by it which is a real shame and I really hope that it doesn't boil over...
  6. Thank you for quoting me out of context ! The great thing about these threads is that it’s easy to isolate one part of a post and twist the sentiment completely ! Please show me where I suggested that it was ok to use a nazi salute ????
  7. I personally feel that it's lost it's impetus and is therefore not worth doing anymore ! When something becomes habitual then the message dissipates over time ! Being a little controversial though, I find that when some players (Redmond, Obafemi and others) give the 'black power' fist gesture, it can almost be seen as provocative and if it were any other gesture (extreme example = nazi salute) it would not be allowed ! I would never boo it nor am I offended by it but I do feel now that something different should be tried and it should not be beyond the wit of man to find a new appro
  8. I suppose that 'market forces' will determine whether it was a good idea or not ? Given that there are only 570 seats affected then my guess is that they will all sell out without problem.. I do feel for those who are offered lesser alternatives though !
  9. I’m beginning to think our match has been called off 🤷‍♂️ The obsession with big teams on Sky is criminal 😲 might as well start the European Super League after all 👹
  10. I genuinely thought I was on the wrong channel but 401 and 402,were exactly the same… Might get a mention sometime soon ! No Saints connections once again fin the punditry team 😲
  11. Go on, Tella like it is….. 😄
  12. His body language and general demeanour perhaps gave out signals that he didn't care but I'm pretty sure that was not actually the case ! For that reason I was not happy that he was made captain but if you read the likes of Adam Blackmore it seems that he is rational, sensible, intelligent and businesslike ! In any case he has been a great servant to our club and deserves our best wishes for the future ! Good luck Ryan 👍
  13. The goalie hand ball was a ‘nailed on’ red ! this VAR malarkey is beyond all reason now 😠
  14. Am I the only one who is disappointed ?? I was hoping that they'd get to the play-off final and lose on penalties cos the hurt is so much more.... 'Masochism rules' 💀
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