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  1. He tested positive but from what I heard, he was pretty much asymptomatic ! He had to quarantine because of the system not because he was in a bad way ! Should be absolutely fine for this coming Sunday !!
  2. I must confess to having paid BT the ransom money for the Chelsea game ! I can't be arsed with streams which may damage my computer and for home games it costs me at least £15 just to get to the stadium so I can live with it ! For sure, if it happens over a season, Saints fans will probably pay about £150 more than Man Utd and Liverpool plastics (they will have at least 10 more scheduled live matches than us) and that is definitely not fair 😂! I am however, happy to give £15 to the charity in addition to watching on TV as it will ease my conscience somewhat !!
  3. I agree with you Shroppie, the club have taken a reasonable position given the circumstances which prevailed at the time ! It's a bit like "damned if you do, damned if you don't" ! It's easy to criticise in an uncertain world but I do not consider any of their behaviour to be immoral or underhand ! BTW, cash interest rates yield about 0.15% (if your lucky) so they are not exactly getting rich on that score !
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