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  1. Love to see Brentford make it to the PL 😀! Have a few good mates who support them, one of whom died prematurely and would be great in his memory, as he obviously never saw them in the top league in his lifetime ! Also had connections at Fulham for a while and have a soft spot for them but my heart prefers the Bees !! 🐝🐝🐝
  2. eurosaint

    Adam Lallana

    Looks like the swear filter has been updated ! Fucking brilliant, if so 😃 !
  3. Met Razor Ruddock in his Saints days (many years ago) and he came across as a very likeable nutcase 😎! That was my first impression and everything I've seen since bears this out ! He's never changed and that has to be respected !!
  4. If you tell us where you live, we could offer a comparison !
  5. That's the spirit, Mr Grace, they don't like it up 'em 😆!
  6. Totally agree ! I like the new site a lot but numbering was always a great help for referring back to quote a post. Ie. I wanted to read to the end of this thread before going back to yours and it was not so easy without the number ! I'm no tekkie but I wouldn't have thought that this was too difficult, anyway I have faith in Stevie G and it will be looked at in the fullness of time, no doubt 😃!
  7. Neville is articulate and clever therefore his bias is used in a pretty subtle way.. Terms like 'leg breaker' and 'VAR must look at that' when it's against Man U and then when Stephens heel is straked by (I think it was Fernandes) he says " I think he did catch him, painful those ones" ! He underplayed every Utd foul and overplayed every Saints one, so much so that when you look at the Stats you are amazed that we had 15 against and they had 14, hardly a one sided foul count !! It's not right that he co-commentates on Utd matches, sitting in the studio is different but taters should be neutral IMHO !
  8. I doubt we'll get anything from this one as they are on fire and have more to play for... Now that Bournemouth have beaten Leicester (strange game) their tails will be up and our chances have diminished ! I'd hate to see the season fizzle out but given the size of the squad, tired legs and the number of games in a very limited period I'm not desperately optimistic ! Please prove me wrong lads, COYS😇
  9. The gulf in class is immense ! These last two days have illustrated just far apart we are.... Deep joy 👍
  10. The fact that it was live on the BBC meant that my phone was pinging all night ! Strangely, the few Skates that I know have disappeared 😉! Still reeling from the euphoria, deep joy, deep joy...... COYS❤️
  11. Ings himself has stated that playing alongside Long is a pleasure as he takes defenders away and creates space for him... Ralph on many occasions has used SL for this purpose and unlike you, seems to value his contribution ! For sure, the Watford match was not his best but in the wider scheme of things he still has a role to play and a lot to offer, hence his new contract !
  12. If fit, I would definitely play Shane Long ! His pace on the break, his non stop hassling and nuisance value could unsettle their defence which is their weakest point (not that weak, I accept !) He also gels well with Ingsey and right now I don't think we have a better combination up front. Sure Adams could come good and will get game time but in a match where we're liable to rely on breakaways that's my preferred option !
  13. The thought process seems to be that Obafemi or Long should play alongside Ings or Adams which makes sense if you look at their attributes ! Two strong, willing runners and two hold up/drifting players ! Not saying that they are all of similar ability, just that it's important to get the combinations right ! Seems that Ralph and I are on the same wavelength 😎!
  14. Lubbly Jubbly ! Next 3 games look dodgy but the run in with the Cherries, Seagulls and Blades should yield some points ! My prediction is that we'll end on 47 !
  15. Absolutely, we have as much chance of getting Harry Kane as we have Harry Winks, I sometimes wonder if guys on here follow football at all !!
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