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  1. I’m almost certain I saw him out clapping the nurses and NHS recently...?
  2. Maybe this is the magic spell we’ve all been waiting for to rid us of the St Mary’s ‘home’ curse......Dell Stadium, sounds good.
  3. Snowfall. Mentioned this on the ‘BBC’ thread, currently on iPlayer, if you were into Breaking Bad, Narcos and the like, you’ll likely get well into this. No spoilers but set in LA early 80s when crack first arrived on the streets. Rival black and Mexican gangs (and an interesting Israeli drugs baron!), CIA, DEA, Colombians, Contras, Sandinistas – a good mix for getting you hooked in for the 3 series. Covid-delayed 4th on the way. Edit: Forgot to mention, look out for guest appearance by Freddie Mercury
  4. It ain’t all bad, iPlayer is a bonus and you can get to see ‘Snowfall’. If you were into ‘Breaking Bad’ do yourself a favour and get into these series. Addictive viewing.
  5. An hour on the big silver bird, they should cope. Think we'll treat this one more as an away game tactically, so easy win then!
  6. I can only remember a few banging on about his injuries, did anyone ever really call him “shit”? Fucking brain dead if they did.
  7. I'd imagine for a lot of these mega-rich owners it probably isn't really about making money out of their clubs as much as just spending their surplus cash and boosting their ego. Most probably want an instant fix with a Premier League club, the leagues below hold no real kudos abroad and there's no guarantee drenching a decent-sized club (for example Leeds, Sheff Wed, Forest) in money gets you up to the PL.
  8. alehouseboys

    20/21 Kit

    Is that the only time a team has worn a brown kit? If it wasn’t, it should have been.
  9. Riding our luck here. Still, nice work in the stands but, as expected, OWTS on constant repeat and already doing my 'ead in!
  10. http://www.ripple-stream.com/live/live-stream.php
  11. alehouseboys

    20/21 Kit

    After the sash, quarters and then halves, we had stripes for the next 80-odd years (and blue shorts and socks for around half of our existence) up until the 'Keegan' shirt which turned out to be one of our most popular ever. We didn't then have stripes for a decade. If they want to sell a new shirt every year then there's only so much you can do with stripes and fans will likely give a few a miss, so have to come up with something radical occasionally. I'm not a shirt wearer myself but think a red shirt with a white sash (if true) will become a popular new design in years to come.
  12. Couldn't see the original but looked like 2 or 3 similar grey versions of the Markus Liebherr banner on there.
  13. We may see the the big Markus Liebherr flag get an airing, last time out must have been Wembley in the cup final.
  14. Indeed, Ings name will be the first on the team sheet at least until we're clearly safe. He's fit, in form and hungry - he sounds like he can't wait for the next match to come along. He'll probably run himself into the ground over the next few weeks securing needed points but he doesn't need rest right now.
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