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  1. It's not clear exactly what's sold and what's not on the OS ticket page and right now you can't even get on to purchase Chelsea tickets but saying only limited tickets left. When I looked this morning there was only one block showing as available with about 100 seats left in it (top tier/central), a few days ago it was showing 3 blocks from the corner (upper tier) as sold out, greyed out seats next to that and then another block available. All others and lower tier greyed out and unavailable, have we put the lower tier on sale at all?
  2. Decent game, maybe more for the neutral, but frustrating. After that spell of pressure leading up to the equaliser and to halftime I thought the stars were aligned to push on second half attacking the Northam and finish them off (vocal support from the Northam better first half). Good start to go ahead but letting them back so soon after and how the game panned out was frustrating. Theo has probably played his way out of the starting eleven now, the PL has passed him by, bench at best. How many weren't paying attention as Tino equalised while watching another near-miss on the big screen?
  3. Decent attendance expected Saturday, this game is selling well for home fans. Block 43 (normally away fans) has sold out to Saints supporters and they've now put part of block 44 on sale - don't think they could go any further due to concourse segregation. Burnley have blocks 47, 48 and part of 46 in the corner. Just need this fixture to exceed expectations now.
  4. Not usually the most anticipated fixture but looking forward to this game, and not for the first time, hoping we've turned a bit of a corner and can build on last weekend. But not quite up there with 5 years ago today as 7,000 of us were making our way to the San Siro.
  5. Understandably, they see things slightly different, nearly all expecting an away win up to 1-4 0-0 it is then. https://www.uptheclarets.com/messageboard/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=57683
  6. Yeah, my first thought on seeing that photo. A mate of mine was up on the pylon, he stood out a bit as had (bizarrely) a couple of green stripes in his hair. All those trips down to Brighton back then were...entertaining. Was at the Reading cup games at Elm Park too, late 70s. We were packed onto an open terrace behind the goal, their rowdier fans to our left on the covered terrace down the side, made quite a bit of noise tbf. Then again some years later when (think it was Souness era) when someone their end tricked SFC into believing the game had been called off and announced it to every
  7. You’re clearly missing my point. I’m certainly not looking for “congratulations about, er Highfield” it’s not the type of area I’ve ever lived in this city, but Southampton is a long way from a shithole. Needs improving, can do better, but after travelling to just about every similar city in 6 decades of following this club and with work there’s far worse.
  8. There's been some bollocks written about Southampton on here, if you seriously believe it's a bigger shithole than some of the other places mentioned then you're kidding yourselves. This is an industrial city that has many working class areas but whatever "shithole" district you're in, walk a few streets, turn a corner and you're suddenly in leafy suburbia with big houses. Most visitors would scratch their heads at those rants as they enter the city from the M3 at Chilworth, down Basset Avenue (MIllionaire's Row) and along The Avenue alongside the Common (posh Upper Shirley on one side, H
  9. This thread was for the league game.
  10. but...(didn't think I needed to repeat myself)....I like to see the men’s and women’s game kept separate Simply this. Some people just try too hard to be offended.
  11. I can’t deny, I like to see the men’s and women’s game kept separate - another thing I particularly can’t get with is women commentating on the men’s game. I’m happy to see the women’s game improving, had my daughter or granddaughter wanted to be footballers I’d support them fully, but...
  12. As well as an all female team of on-field officials for this match, there's also a female on VAR. Should be interesting.
  13. Best chance for Prowsey to get some game time...if it goes ahead. Fire inside the stadium https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/12429189/andorra-vs-england-fire-breaks-out-at-national-stadium-day-before-european-qualifier Wonder if it's a wonky hairdryer or iron in the official's dressing room that caused it
  14. Yeah you’re right but I’m sure I’ve seen all the Shed given over to aways in the League Cup before. Doubt we’d have taken 7,000 anyway as Chelsea don’t allow visiting clubs to put tickets on General Sale which we would probably have needed to do with that allocation. SFC wouldn’t have taken a chance of not selling them all and taking a hit financially.
  15. These tickets go on sale to home fans today, their ST holders can purchase their own seats which kind of suggests we've only taken the usual away allocation rather than the whole of the Shed End. Seen suggestions elsewhere that tickets will be £25.
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