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  1. Liverpool to install nearly 8,000 rail-seats, apparently one of 5 PL clubs trialling next season (only aware of Wolves and Spurs elsewhere), some at the back of the Kop but most at the lower Anfield Road end (includes away section). That'll be interesting as it's restricted viewing at the back due to the overhang when seated, if they're going to tolerate some safe standing (little point in installing rail-seats if not) it will be considerably worse. But the fact that it's the scallies involved it will likely progress to safe standing for all a lot quicker now. https://www.bbc.co.uk/s
  2. So we want an easy start, easy finish and an easy bit in the middle - it's just the other bits in between that will fook us up...
  3. BOAVISTA forward Alberth Elis linked https://www.dailyecho.co.uk/sport/19372768.reported-saints-target-elis-speaks-future/
  4. If England show a bit of confidence and belief it's called arrogance. If it's the jocks or welsh then it's "passion".
  5. It was but the attendance exceeded that on many occasions when you consider the 'Dockers Gate' and all the kids lifted over the turnstiles back in the terrace days. There was also Mick Channon's Testimonial in '76 when, by the end of the game, there must have been nearer 40,000 squeezed in the place (and around the pitch) when the thousands locked out started to find a way in. There were also numerous games back in 50s, 60s and 70s when thousands were locked out once the gates were closed. Alas, the Dell record stands at just 31,044.
  6. I’ve just dug out my ‘Limited Edition Official Commemorative Book’ about moving to St Mary’s, a few facts and figures (MLG look away). The stadium design and construction only cost £21m. The final total of £34m included site preparation (£3.5m), infrastructure and other stuff. The club raised £5m from the sale of the Dell, £3m in new shares and £3m from shirt sponsorship and naming rights for the stadium. The rest was raised by long-term and short-term loans. Cheap as chips. FFS, 20 years ago!
  7. It was certainly Barr, made a few visits during construction and was great seeing it rise from the wasteland. Total cost was near £35m (a couple of Leminas). The club received grants to knock that down to £30m but, of course, we went pop and never paid it off in full - Markus Liebherr picked up a bargain.
  8. Yep, that was probably it......
  9. The Dell had two fairly new stands (albeit small and wonky!) at the time of leaving for St Mary's, the old Milton and Archers open terraces were an acquired taste. Is it my old mind playing tricks or did the Milton toilets back in the 60s/70s have a sign asking "Gentlemen, please adjust your dress before leaving the lavatories" or something to that effect?
  10. Third Division stalwarts. Plucky too.
  11. Can anyone imagine a sweatie turning his back on his country to support the 'Auld Enemy' just because he's a bit miffed with going-ons and they've got a couple of sassenachs playing for their club side?
  12. Agree. But on the plus side of him being ignored, if he made the Euros and had the opportunity to shine, he'd probably not be a Saints player after next January.
  13. As much as I’m happy to see Armstrong and Adams have a good tournament individually I’ll also be more than happy to see the jocks getting rinsed in every game. There’s stuff I despise with the national set-up but I’m English/Southampton through and through. 3 Lions only during the Euros.
  14. Although our attendances were still very good in the lower leagues compared to most around us the corporate areas were mostly desolate. St Mary’s looked sparsely populated on TV back then as the Itchen (and away section) were often barely half full, if little changes next season and we drop there’s going to be another big gap welcoming the players onto the pitch opposite the tunnel.
  15. Is it the entire block? Maybe they're only switching to the new comfy seats in the best rows, from somewhere around halfway up which would give the best viewing position which would better attract corporate STs, so may not apply to those lower down. Yet. Edit: just re-read the OP and noticed miserableoldgit mentioned all seats being ripped out.
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