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  1. They could do far worse than just bunging a badge on one of their current bulk standard red and white striped shirts. Chuck in a nice pair of dark blue shorts and white socks and they could be onto a winner imo.
  2. "The last time time Southampton met Leicester in a televised night game....." 1 min in
  3. ...and changed sex. FA Cup 2003 we played cockerels, lions, canaries, wolves, hornets...and Arsenal. So far in 2021 we've drawn shrews, (wolves or magpies)...and Arsenal. Just saying, I was bored.
  4. Trousers' instructions were far more more comprehensive (if not disturbing) than my limited knowledge on the matter but... can you right-click on it and 'save as' to save it somewhere else and then 'right-click-= copy/paste' ? Or maybe take a screen-shot and paste/save somewhere you could then 'right-click etc.' ? But I'm sure someone else could guide you in a better direction than this old technophobe! EDIT: This actually maybe a load of ol' bllxs, I think when I've copy-and-pasted it may well just have been a link to the website where that particular image was hosted (rather t
  5. Right click on your chosen image, copy, and then just paste straight into your message.
  6. YouTube. Here's another one to savour, I was fortunate enough to be at both these games.
  7. 60 today, any excuse... Happy Birthday. And thanks again.
  8. Not a fan of the 'Danish' Hummel shirt myself, as others have said, looked half red/half pink from a distance. They also gave us a couple of horrible blue away shirts but the striped one was OK. Next season's kit was signed off a while ago so should soon find out. But I'm converted, would happily stick with the sash now (red/white sash, white/red sash), alternated with the 'Keegan' style one season, stripes the next. I say this as a watcher rather than a wearer so feel free to ignore me.
  9. https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-united/sheffield-united-linked-leicester-citys-demarai-gray-heres-why-it-might-not-happen-3087521 Sheff Utd also interested but... "Benfica, Marseille and Monaco have also been credited with an interest in Gray, but signing for Southampton may prove too good to turn down if Ralph Hasenhüttl's impressive side decide to firm up their interest" Nice.
  10. The only bugger is as soon as they hit the back of the net Sky are gonna be blasting it out loud and clear for all us watching at home. And repeat.
  11. That conclusion did cross my mind having just read it...
  12. Banking on this being the match that Ingsy recovers his form in front of goal, inspired to impress against his former club. This will have a big TV audience, hopefully do ourselves justice. No idea how this one is going to go.
  13. 'The Doc', as said, gracious in defeat in '76, funny guy and infectious personality. RIP Played for Celtic, will no doubt be honoured at 'The Old Firm' this weekend (and on the 50 year anniversary of the 1971 Ibrox disaster - a moving documentary 'Stairway 13' available on iPlayer).
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