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  1. FAO Monk and Simo - couldn’t reply earlier as out of posts but for future reference, Adblock is your friend. That was a flawless, add-free stream for me today. And darn sweet it was too!
  2. Ignoring the scoreline - this has been a good stream so far, not far off HD quality http://sportinglive.co/17th-chelsea-vs-southampton/
  3. In an ideal world, with Walcott going straight in, he would have had a week on the training field with all the first team, he's likely only trained with Ings, JWP, etc. yesterday. Tough place to start, and then drops straight back out again next week for the Everton match. Not expecting too much, a point today would be a very good result. ".....LA-LA-LA-LA THEEE-OOOOOOOOO!"
  4. Bit late to make his debut tomorrow? Shame.
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