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  1. Ings also shit... never scores a hatrick...
  2. Che is no way near good enough. No way near. terrible player at this level. So many moves break down when they reach him. offers nothing.
  3. Hojbjerg is utter utter trash. Danny scored whilst I was typing this but I stand by it...
  4. Sometimes we'll lose games. That's a given. but this is fucking awful. So disjointed and demonstrates zero depth in the squad.
  5. Exactly this. All their fans chanting "the south-coast is ours" and "oh when the saints go marching down". Bournemouth are a nothing team from a s-hole city with nothing to offer the premier league. I, for one, hope they go down and hope we are the ones to hammer the final nail in. The only down side to this would be missing out on the fans crying in the stands.
  6. but we... we.. we literally played Man City... and Utd... and Arsenal.
  7. if watford and west ham draw, we send Bournemouth down with a win?
  8. He is only 23, young for any defender. I like him a lot and would be chuffed if we made the deal permanent.
  9. ..and Stephens turns into the English Chiellini. What a performance.
  10. Bananaman

    20/21 Kit

    Don't put Daily Mail links on here. be better.. **** the Daily Mail.
  11. I cringe reading about grown-arse men dancing about on TikTok.
  12. Eljero Elio, scored both in a 2-1(1) win over Newcastle...
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