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  1. Clubs like Newcastle, Spurs and Shîte bags LIVERPOOL FFS taking Gov. Handouts... Makes my blood boil. Really really hope SFC don't follow suit.


    Greedy **** footballers reputations declining heavy each day.


    Football as a whole has been properly exposed.

  2. Has anybody at all in the world who's in their twenties and fit and healthy actually died from this thing?


    Isn't the point that while that demographic might not die, they are spreading it.


    Italy has however seen young people with no priors passing from this and we seem to be roughly 2 weeks behind them and tracking them almost identically just now

  3. 10 more UK deaths. Spain now in complete lockdown. Keep washing those hands everyone please.


    Any ages or locations given? Is slightly odd that no profiles or details given so far of these fatalities

  4. Everton paid £34m for Alex Iwobi.


    They'd drop £45m+ on an actual first team player easily.


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    They spent 50m on Richarlison and 40m on Sigurðsson


    I think they can and will spend 60m on a player soon enough - but it won't be for Redmond

  5. 24 minutes for "vital global information" no thanks


    Give me a one page infographic and I'll crack on with my day.


    Or shorten the video to

  6. Never before has a player become a £60m+ superstar whilst injured. He's decent and a big part of our team but a bit of perspective is needed.


    we do this on here.


    a players value and ability can absolutely plummet or go sky high based on teams results while they are injured.


    While Redmond was here for our short purple patch, he’s also been almost ever present over our 4 year footballing decline.


    Unless some maverick scientist who's a loose cannon and doesn't play by the rules heroically discovers a vaccine in the next couple of months, saving the world - and his marriage - like a by-the-numbers Hollywood movie, we're in for the long haul folks.




  8. Yes, well played.


    I have just been to the ticket office to get a refund on my train ticket. Full refund of £53.60 it says.


    The only dilemma now is... do I tell my wife that I'm not going? She'll only find something unproductive for me to do if I stay at home.


    Take the 53.60 and drive to Wiggle in Bournemouth.


    Lunch special is Burger, drink and dance for £10.


    Get 5 and leave a 3.60 tip.

  9. Matt Targett cost £17m and was no better than Valery.


    Im not sure what relevance Matt Targett has to any of this? Or why he dictates that we need to spend 20m+ to improve of Valery.


    Robertson cost Liverpool £8m and is now one of the best full backs in the world.


    You wouldn't need to spend £20m+ to improve on Valery

  10. We can blame Gao we can blame Kat


    But as fans we need to ask did we really do enough!?


    When the club (Les) was selling non stop to Liverpool and replacing them with mediocrity the “fans” applauded it all and said and did absolutely nothing.


    Its too late to cry now as this was always going to happen.


    Shît players on high wages = disaster

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