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Anyone want a lift from Walton/Esher/Cobham?

Legod Second Coming

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He's a recovering alcoholic:(





Would you bloody believe that I (true story) went to see a dermatologist recently who tells me I am intolerant of yeast!!!! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


And I thought I was only intolerant of Alpine!!!


Offer's still open by the way (and Ian, it's not that far! Well, as long as the bloody tourists move out the way of the beemer... ;) )

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Well its a lot further than Chandlers Ford!! Yeast intolerant thats a pain, just drink vodka instead!



Funnily enough, that was the first question I asked... lol!!


But this (quite foxy) consultant says:


"Mr Legod, you will have to avoid alcohol, anywhere hot and doing anything that raises your blood pressure..."


"So" says I, "That's a second honeymoon in the Caribbean out of the question?"


"Mr Legod," she replies, "We hardly know each other..."


With a cute little wink... ;)


(All true!!) :) Made my day actually!


Until she told me that I could reduce my stress levels through following her advice and not working on Mondays!!!

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