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JPT Final seat swap


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I have three tickets for the Final but only two of them are together. I am down for the day with my 73 year old Dad and my son and was hoping the tickets would all be issued together even though they were bought in different buying periods. As I live in Wigan I cannot just nip down to the Ticket Office (if this is possible) and see about getting moved either to the same block or even the vicinity. So I was wondering if anyone would be interested in swapping either their seat with me or seats with my Dad and son? Our seats are in Block 545 Row 10 (x2) and Block 536 Row 8 (x1).


We are spending 5 hours on a coach to get there and 5 hours back but for the important bit we're apart. If any kind soul out there fancies a swap (we can do the exchange inside the ground in case you're worried I'm out to rip you off) we'd be extremely grateful. If you wish to contact me via PM that would be great or at stevepatton@sky.com




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