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Facts of Life

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The Facts of Business Life......


The original backer (ML) had a chance to make some money by making an investment (by expensive Swiss banker advice) with the likelihood that with sizeable backing he would happen to optimise his investment by a factor of x.


To make that happen ML installed a very focused manager (NC) to give him the best chance of success.


NC makes it happen and gets paid a handsome fortune for that.


NC actually quite enjoys the journey, and thinks I can make a name for myself for delivering this result.


Backer (ML) passes away (RIP). Daughter comes in to club and has no interest in club apart from making the most optimum ROI for the investment (as a non footballing investor who could blame her.......)


KL - key question for her - if you invest a sum of money (x) on a venture and get the chance to x10 (x) your original investment - question would you take it yes/no?


= yes.


NC is the block.


Erode his power base.NC's dream cannot happen.


He resigns.


Manager (MP) recruited by NC resigns (who wants to manage a club being asset stripped with a reputation to build??).


Managerless and Chairpersonless.


Club sold to person y (normally without pot to p**s in)


Potless person comes in


We go back to red and white stripes, hoofball, and enjoying the pleasure (occasionally) of being a Saints fan.




Great isn't it!!!!

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