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Sir Rickie Lambert Signed Merchandise - including the promotion match v Coventry!


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Afternoon guys,


I am running the London Marathon this month and Rickie has kindly donated a number of items to help me raise money. One of which you may be particularly interested in. I was at the game when you beat Coventry 4-0 and the mad scenes of partying on the pitch and carrying the players. Rickie couldnt give me that shirt that day but gave me his shorts instead which I have kept knowing they would come in handy.


I went over to his place today and he signed these shorts, signed an England match issue shirt of his, and gave me signed Liverpool shirts and WBA shirts. He didnt have any Saints shirts spare now or he would have given me one of those too!




This is for a great charity - Starlight UK - making dreams for terminally ill kids come true so please bid!


I also have some other items like signed personalised Aguero boot, Joe Hart Glove, Man City match issue shirt etc.....



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