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1976 Southampton FA Cup Winning Team Tour Of City (Full 9 minute version)


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About 9 years ago, I posted some footage on YouTube of the 1976 FA Cup Winning team touring Southampton. The original video was only 5 minutes long - this is the full 9 minutes from the original video that Southampton released in the early 80's. The extras include the team returning to Southampton, and the bus stopping at the Guildhall with the team greeting our Mayor at the time, Mary Key.


I thought it would be a nice thing to upload the full version on the 40th anniversary of our win back in 1976. Hope you enjoy seeing the extra footage.......

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40 years ago today, i was a 13 year old boy and I went to Wenbley with my late Dad, Uncle and their best mate. We traveled all over the country watching Saints and obviously this was the pinnacle. When we arrived back in town on a lively coach that also took us to the semi at Stanford Bridge, they decided to celebrate in the Alexander, with me in tow. I remember it being absolutely packed and at some point later in the evening Jim Steel arrived to a heroes welcome. The reason I mention this is that his winners medal was handed around this packed pub, my dad handed it to me and I still remember him saying to me, "look at this, you may never hold one of these again" and of course he was right. After everyone had had a look at it it made it way back to Jim.

I wonder if players today would even think of celebrating with the fans let alone trusting us with something so priceless

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