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  1. you don't get that they are tired or the reason for our drop of form?
  2. when Bertrand is sent up for corners, i think that tells you everything about our arial prowess. Maybe a target man might be an idea...
  3. good point. Our tactics and general shape is terrible. We give teams everything they want - space and lots of it in or final third.
  4. shut up S-C, don't you know how much broadband costs these days. There's copper and fibre too.
  5. no he didn't. He said, in reply to Lighthouse saying `he didn't bother watching it on TV': "You watch or go to an FA Cup Semi Final no matter how you feel about your club at this moment in time".
  6. What the fuck are you talking about? He chose not to watch it on TV because we've been a bit shit recently. What bearing does the cost of going to watch the game have on his decision to watch it or not on TV?
  7. this is is second season (and to be far he was unlucky with injuries last year), and he's 22, so I don't want to write him off, especially as he is the closest thing we have to a `goal out of nothing type', but where are those moments? Need many more of them next season or we are fucked. I can't stand his crying when not even touched. Hate it. He has a trick, but he falls over his own feet too often. He works pretty hard going up and down, but we need much more when he has the ball. I get the feeling that workrate is Ralphs only cup of tea. He seems to be coached only to do that. I want
  8. Good description. we really are. Boy do we need some real talent carrying the ball. We need some pace, flair and `goals out of nowhere' types too. Maybe even a big target man. And a left back and....
  9. cheers. Maybe you can let us wallow in our fa cup semifinal defeat misery before delivering the second barrel.
  10. Absolutely this. Contained them at the expense of attacking threat due to our lack of quality attackers. Redmond did nothing and nor did Adams and Djenepo. Individually and collectively we dont have `it' going forward.
  11. We are looking for Moussa to kick on to be Mane II. We are so desperate for a Saint-Maxin or our own, but he has failed to do that so far. There is still time, but in addition to allour other issues, flair is a major one. Redmond can dod it against shit like Bournemouth, but out him up against better Prem defenders and he hasn't got the pace and he knows it. We need to invest in this area, among others.
  12. that's the player I saw on tape before he signed too, but Fonte used to be the same back on the day. Bednarek is a trier, but thats all. The bigger issue is the attackers. We get left short at the back because the attackers reply on KWP doing their jobs. If we had better players up front, he could hold his position more often and we'd be more solid and score goals. It's one or the other at the moment.
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