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  1. Palace played him off the striker, so not sure he is going to play next to JWP, unless there is someone behind them? I'd of thought RLC career at Chelsea was done. I am guessing everyone wants him as a cheap loan, but Chelsea want someone to step up with a transfer payment - hence no movement as yet.
  2. we haven't tried to sign all the players we have been linked with.
  3. how do Le Telegramme get that information? Agent fed story IMO.
  4. We didn't sign players early to boost season ticket sales. We signed players to fill voids and have not filled the last void (CM) because we were gazzumped by Juve and then who nows after that. Can't blame club for who we are linked to.
  5. he doesn't look like the dominating (do everything) central midfielder we are after to me. Good, but not good enough perhaps?
  6. interesting that my evaluations of Sangarre and Diallo based on a three minute youtube highlights videos match their stats. Maybe not terribly difficult, but does show it is possible to learn something from those videos if you are hypercritical. Veerman stats look decent. I watched two videos of him. The first video I totally discounted him, because the opponents looked woeful. Zero pressure on the ball etc. allowing him years to make decisions/pick a pass. Impossible to say if he was good enough or not. The second showed games that were much faster and he looked strong offensively and physically - both born out in those stats. Interesting that we are linked to such very different types.Maybe we are after two?
  7. Chez

    Guido Carrillo

    2011–2015 Estudiantes 118 (28) 2015–2016 Monaco B 1 (0) 2015–2018 Monaco 65 (15) Were there? Interesting to look back at that thread. Personally, I looked at his wikipedia page at the time and the goals to games ratio made me very concerned. Obviously you get your James Beattie's that take a while before becoming prolific, but you don't break your transfer record on the chance he `might' come good. You spend it on a goalscorer, with a decent record in a lessor league.
  8. Hoedt and Lemina signed five year deals, I think, so he might be with us until 2022, unless it all goes well with their loans...
  9. scrub that, fee now appears to be £9m. This is in our price range, we have previous dealings for Bayern, we need midfield creativity...
  10. it suggests we will hold out for a loan until the window closes and if nothing happens we will make some sort of agreement with him. It also suggests our loan demands have put a few off. I wonder what terms he will agree to? 75% of his wages for the final 11 months of his contract? If thats the case, then it means we can't even get someone to pay more than 25% of his wages. Now clubs know we will pay him off, they will just wait for that to happen.
  11. some on here would take Neil Shipperley.
  12. he was bloody amazing against us a couple of seasons ago at SMS. Best player on the pitch by a country mile. Perhaps that was as good as it got?
  13. looks like he can dribble and forge into the open space which Hoj wasn't great at. Not sure I saw much in the way of through balls and shooting. Whether he gives the ball away as often as Hoj does, I doubt it.
  14. I think hen you watch these videos, which are to make them look as good as possible, you have to be hypercritical and note what is not being shown as much as what is. He isn't a powerhouse in the air, is one footed, doesn't have a killer pass and offers little going forward...possibly.
  15. Leeds agree a £20m fee for Michael Cuisance. I like the look of him a lot. Not a holding midfielder we need, but technically really good.
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