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  1. Our press was excellent, but Leeds unwillingness to adjust their game plan, and lack of quality were a factor. You can only beat whats put in front of you. Leeds were obviously missing key players, but we had massive injury problems last season...it happens. No one cares. There were so many positives for us, not least Broja providing as a proper focal point in attack. Not having to play two centre forwards will mean we can bolster the midfield, which is a must against many teams. We have badly needed someone who can win the odd header and enable us to play direct from time to time. Being
  2. he was lucky not to get a yellow earlier. Probably didn't help him. Tat said, we want players to get stuck in etc. and that what he was doing. Its a fine line between my physical, making challenges that are OK and making challenges that end up with a red these days.
  3. biggest small cunt in football. Cant stand him. Not all his decisions are wrong, but when he makes them, I find it hard not to argue with them, grrrrrr....and relax.
  4. nott really. We hung on for grim life in the first half. Could easily have been three down and we did nothing going forward at all. In the second we intercepted some balls and broke and scored. Chelsea looked like scoring at will. Competitive was when we had Morgan, Lallana et al going toe to toe with the big teams. We are a long way from that.
  5. Perraud not excelling from the off ties his hands a little. That signing needed to be spot on and so far it hasn't. Give it time of course.
  6. no doubt. I simply asked the question. Where were they?
  7. Werner took KWP to pieces for the third. Not signing a left back good enough to get in this team is costing us.
  8. where were the CBs when he tapped it in?
  9. Defender make a meal of it, but if there is contact its in the achilles area and that's nasty. Dig in chaps. Long ten minutes....
  10. CM depth we are questioned now comes into focus.
  11. thew wrong angle here and he's fucked. Not sure he touches him though.
  12. Forster never makes that save. Ever.
  13. Livramento enjoying that space in front of him.
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