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  1. good point. If the price is right, most would take him to strengthen squad. He is very different asset now to the one Liverpool sold.
  2. You may be over thinking it. He wasn't wanted at Liverpool. We wanted him. He came. It's now a new landscape. His agent will be asking £200k. We will want to pay £90k. Now its simply about how high we will go (to satisfy his expectations) and who else will offer him close to that original £200k (and afford the fee). Simples. If there isn't anyone willing to pay a fee, then they (ing and agent) will readjust their wages expectations or sit it out and wait for that free transfer. In short, it will be all about money. He didn't come here to win things. He came here because we were the next
  3. also, should we start touting him around and agreeing to fee - how `wanted' is he going to feel. You can `force' his way of thinking, which helps push a move that previously may not have been wanted. In the end he will want X million a year and if we don't find it then he will be forced to accept that or look for anther club. Lets hope it all works out.
  4. to be fair, if no contract is signed, is the player not thinking that `the club doesn't value me enough' and perhaps will be looking for a move?
  5. Correct. But loan grows to £122m if we don't start paying it back until 2025
  6. as with Bertie, staying at Saints just seems the right fit. Very tricky finding the finance he will no doubt want. We've already mortgaged the clubs future somewhat. I guess we need to do everything we can to ensure we keep the Prem money wheel spinning to pay that debt off.
  7. Gotcha. FT says: scheme "only open to larger firms with an investment grade credit rating" https://www.ft.com/content/d0157351-9745-4640-8db3-cfc56a043eab
  8. do you know how much TV revenue was pushed into the followjng financial year and what would have been the wages to turnover ratio if it hadn't been paid to us later than normal?
  9. didn't Arsenal do the same, and were they (BoE low interest loan) not available to ALL English clubs? Why did we not go that route? Could we not meet their criteria for some reason? I thought you just had to show justification.
  10. In general, Hummel kits just look good. Loved their Saints 80s kits - had them all as a kid, even the boots. Hopefully the new kits can offer me a little nostalgia whilst also creating something new. I ma sure they will.
  11. I'd suggest that was one of their worst kit designs, but each to their own.
  12. that's fine by me, although when describing someone of colour, it is inevitable that you say some thing like `he/she was black", but racism is more than just language of course.
  13. yep, but it doesn't mean ignore (stop going on about) racism.
  14. I watched One night in Miami yesterday and Sam Cooke pointed out that one day there would be one music chart (there was a separate black music chart at the time in the US) and progress would obviously be when there wasn't a distinction between music from people with different colour skins. MOBO seems to go against that. I reiterate though, that not highlighting skin colour (as Freeman says) is not the same as not highlighting racism. If and where that exists, it must be addressed. Turkish mentioned that there are lots of groups and efforts doing just that, but until racism is no more then
  15. Good description. There was some moves that I just thought were beyond our ability. We could replicate in the second half, but boy was it good to watch in the first half.
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