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  1. Surprised they're loaning him out, they have a bit of a full back shortage don't they? Never replaced Trippier in the summer - Aurier and KWP are their only recognised RBs, with Ben Davies (injured) and Danny Rose (awful) at LB. I suppose Mourinho is going to play a couple of games with CBs at full back and then complain that the board isn't supporting him and try to force them to buy him someone expensive and past it.
    Wonder why Valery hasn't featured for us much [emoji102]


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  2. Has anyone tried their hand at Football Index? And is it a scam?
    I've tried it. Gotta spend big to get anything worthwhile.


    I managed to recoup what I put in and got out. Wouldn't recommend it


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  3. Thought the ref was weak, Milivojevic should’ve been sent off in the first half, if that’s not a second yellow for dissent then god knows what is. Constant spoiling fouls from Palace and only two yellow cards all game.
    That foul on Djenepo should always be a Red no attempt to play the ball and a swipe at his legs!


    How can Palace complain about Zaha being unfairly treated in games when their players are doing that


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  4. What????


    You don’t agree with the rule that offside should be offside. How would you change it, someone offside will in the future be onside?




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    Now VAR is in place the Daylight rule should be brought back.


    The offside rule was brought in to stop the attackers having an advantage. Now it has gone full cycle and people are offside by a toenail.


    Let's not take all the goals out of football and bring back the Daylight rule


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  5. He seemed level to me. I know we've discussed VAR to death, but a centimetre ahead when analysed by forensics just doesn't seem right to me. Still, in our favour so who cares!
    I dont Agree that it should be offside but by the letter of the law it is, the law needs to change no problem with VAR for this


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  6. Thought the Ref was poor today Playing advantage when there was none, set plays are a big part of our game so we need them.


    Stopping the game for an offside when we were breaking away is crazy considering how many times he played advantage before this!


    Allowing the Palace players to get in his face constantly. Should of sent the palace player off for descent in 1st half!

    Agree with that re the ref, thought the Palace players were getting hysterical about very little. If we had been on the wrong end of that VAR decision though, I'd have been fuming.
    Why would you have been Livid, it was offside, Can't argue with that.


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  7. 433 for me. Get Redmond, Hojbjerg and Bednarek out of the team!!


    Hopefully we scout them this time as Ralph was surprised by the tactics West Ham used. Use the Subs wisely and not too late. Give Adams a better chance off the bench aswell c56e832b15afcb2f56acb28b3e3079b0.jpg


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