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  1. CoolAsIce IPTV is pretty good. Works on 2 devices at the same time. £10 a month.
    That's expensive. £120 a year!


    I can get you lwtv for £60 for a year. Works on firestick and android


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  2. Well they have till Thursday to bring in a cb or face up to another underwhelming failure of a window where we fail to address a glaring weakness in the squad.
    So like I said before, people need to stop moaning and wait until Thursday afternoon!


    Let's see how the ground lays then, bet some people will still moan that we shouldn't of got player(s) X and Y we should of got A and B.


    Some people are just never satisfied


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  3. Hoedt will be going back to Italy, actually only one of the not wanted players that’s acting professionally .


    Interesting one on twitter, we are signing JWP for 23 million.



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    James Wright-Phillips


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