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  1. Ha ha, I went fishing and look what I caught!




    I thank you!


    Wouldn't say that as there was no sign of it being tongue in cheek or anything, i reckon your just saying that to cover up your c*ck up ;-)

  2. I can't believe some people. OK Lambert did a good job yesterday managing a great Colchester performance against Norwich but do we really need a new manager again? Give Pardew a chance FFS!


    I hope your joking mate? Were not talking about Paul Lambert we are talking about Rickie Lambert a forward who plays for Bristol rovers and is good in this div

  3. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Would like Simeon Jackson too

  4. There is of coarse a flip side to this little theory My pony fiddling friend,

    The England setup could say( Calamity stay where you are. Just think of all the practice your gonna be getting;)


    Joking aside though, do you honestly think this will be the case. If i was England manager and i saw my Number one shipping loads of goals i would put it down to poor form and would advive him to move to have any hope of making WC squad, i would say the same if he was at any other club that was looking like struggling this season

  5. Tbh i cant see James hanging around, not with the world cup round the corner. He will want to be in a side thats not leaking goals and lets face it pompey will be struggling this season.


    A goalkeeper is only as good as his defence in front of him.

  6. I think we should sign Ricky Lambert when rasiak goes which looks hidhly likely, as goes Saga and i thin we should get Simeon Jackson to replace him if he does leave too.


    I think with then two and Paterson and White and maybe a loan from a Champ/Prem club that would be us sorted up front.


    we will only have to sort out the back line then lol

  7. Who are they then?


    Think they have only got James now, maybe he does't realise that Crouch,Defoe and Johnson have left but that still only adds up to four!!!


    As for the cup final, entering europe and things thats what we managed just before we got relegated only their plight is happening alot quicker than ours did but most of there fans are too blinkered to see it happening

  8. 11 point out of a possible 45 at home so far this season is not good enough and thats with only one win aswell being way back on september 30th against norwich, Time for Poortvliet to go!!!


    Thats the first person who should go then followed shortly after by Lowe. Its got to happen now with ten games before our next game to give us any chance for rest of the season, look at the confidence boost it has given forest and even norwich today who our next game is against

  9. Anyone fancy a game tomorrow morning? My team is struggling with people away for Xmas. It's a 1030 ko in the Solent League at Wicor Rec near Portchester... not a great standard but fun. If you need a lift I can probably sort it. I won't pick up responses til later tonight but PM me your number if you're interested (if you haven't got it already... if you have, then text me).



    Im back around now mate so if your ever short again give me a shout and if im available ill help you out

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