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  1. 21 minutes ago, Sheaf Saint said:

    I know this will never happen because PMQs is nothing more than a pointless pantomime that serves only to highlight how backward looking our entire political system is, but I would love it if, just once, the speaker actually stood up and insisted that the mealy mouthed word salad that just passed the PM's lips is in no way relevant to the actual question put to him and that he must give a more satisfactory answer before being allowed to move on.

    Completely agree.  Would be a huge boost to our democracy is the Prime Minister was forced to actually answer the question posed to him.

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  2. 7 minutes ago, badgerx16 said:

    Boris claims nobody warned him the drinks party was against the rules. He made the f**king rules !!! He shouldn't have had to rely on others to keep him onside.

    I really, really, really, really hope someone has evidence of Boris saying "looking forward to the party" via email or video or something.  Would be magnificent.

    "I didn't know we were talking about that party"

  3. 23 minutes ago, Tamesaint said:

    You are very correct.... but she is not gunning for public opinion.  The neanderthals who make up the Conservative party membership are the ones who vote for the Tory leader. They are her target.  Remember they are the people who choose the likes of Baker, Swayne, Chope and Redwood etc to represent them. They will lap up the sight of a blonde bimbo sitting next to the Union Jack and asking for people to" move on". I dare say for example  that our old mate Wes Tender is having wet dreams over her. 

    Her main contender for the leadership, Rishi, isn't going out of his way to appeal to them. He annoys them by raising taxes and trying to be responsible for the nation's finances. I dare say some of them don't like the colour of his skin.

    Truss is playing a clever game. God help us if she succeeds.

    Will be interesting to see how both Sunak and Truss play it.  They're both "young" for a prime ministerial candidate and if there is a feeling that the Tories are now fucked for the next election they might steer clear with the hope they can pick things up when there's a more positive trajectory.

  4. 45 minutes ago, Sheaf Saint said:

    If Johnson were to resign as PM, he won't lose his livelihood. He'll still have his MPs salary to top up all his inherited wealth and assets.

    Matt Hancock had to go after being found out flouting the rules his government had set, so should he.

    There is absolutely no chance Boris will remain as an MP if he is ousted as PM.

  5. 1 minute ago, whelk said:

    Is there anyone who doesn’t now realise  Boris is just an entitled smug immoral wanker? Only capable of fooling the thick, sorry gullible, fools in the short-term who rejoiced in him winning power have now woken up to what to many was so bleeding obvious.

    He's still seen as the "man who delivered brexit" to many.  However, with brexit proving costly and the memory of the "triumph" fading I suspect that support will fade too.

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  6. 16 minutes ago, Weston Super Saint said:

    I disagree.

    I said at the time (when it was mooted that someone else should be fired for meeting their partner at the beach IIRC), that no-one should lose their livelihood due to Covid regulations.  They were simply not designed for that level of 'punishment'.

    Don't take this as apologising for Boris as I think he's a complete bell-end as everyone else does and I'm under no illusion that he (or anyone else involved) is 'sorry' for what they did, sorry that they've been found out maybe.

    I'm pretty sure that everyone (deliberately) broke the regulations at some point last year, so where do you draw the line?  All those attending protests and memorials / whatever other mass gatherings happened, also broke the rules, should they also be forced to lose their jobs.  I'm sure we all know someone who had a party in their garden during lockdown, should they be fired as well?

    Well, 1. you draw the line that people leading the country in the pandemic don't significantly break the rules at any point and 2. I disagree that "everyone broke the rules".   Millions of people understood the gravity of the situation and genuinely tried to do what they could to protect others and curtail the pandemic.  The mentality of a significant minority in this country that "breaking life saving rules doesn't matter lol" is fucking depressing.

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  7. 52 minutes ago, badgerx16 said:

    Why do they think that giving a grudging apology is enough to let Boris off the hook, and that we should now "move on" ? Surely there have to be consequences ?

    He should resign, there is literally nothing else to it.  He is and was the leader of the country during the biggest national crisis since the war.  Above all else he had to set an example, both on principle but also to uphold the integrity of government.  Not only did he fail to do so, it appears he chose not to do so in such a massive, obnoxious way, it's completely and utterly unforgivable.

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  8. He strikes me as a player who will improve a lot with game time too.  He's clearly very talented technically and quick.  As he plays more his game just seems to become more consistent and effective.

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  9. 3 hours ago, eurosaint said:

    Newcastle v Watford tomorrow !

    Would love to see the Hornets get a result 😆

    Massive game.  If Newcastle win it it'll be hard to see them not clawing their way out of it.  Watford win and suddenly there's a 6 point gap, which isn't going to be that quick to bridge for Newcastle.

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  10. 1 hour ago, Matthew Le God said:

    I don't think any of Norwich, Watford or Burnley will break the 30 point mark, so two more wins from the remaining 18 games and we will be safe.

    I agree with you, and isn't it mad that it would be two seasons in a row if that's the case, each with two promoted teams getting relegated.  There's a clearly a widening gulf between the Prem and the Championship.

  11. 6 minutes ago, angelman said:

    What if Chelsea loaned him to us for another 2 seasons? Would suit them maybe to have a then pretty experienced striker aged 22-23 and would suit us to get 3 years out of him. 

    Chelsea have always been quite clever with their buying power which means that they really do have to send out a ridiculous number on loan. Currently 22 according to https://www.chelseafc.com/en/teams/on-loan-players?pageTab=players but I think that they've been over 30 before. but having said that, this is one of those loans, also Gallagher at Palace, that seems to work for both parties. 

    It'll likely to come down to how things play out at Chelsea this season.  If Lukaku snaps in to gear or Werner improves they likely would be happy to keep Broja playing out on loan.  If not they'll need someone new to come in and bringing back Broja would make a lot of sense.

  12. If he carries on growing the way he is then he'll be in Chelsea's matchday squad next year.  He's very, very good and more than anything he can make things happen out of nowhere which would make him a hugely valuable asset to any side.

  13. 29 minutes ago, revolution saint said:

    Years ago I read a couple of histories of the Labour Party and the Conservative Party.  At the start of each it listed what the party stood for - the labour one went on for half a page and all the things you'd expect - social justice, equality, redistribution of wealth, nationalisation etc etc.  The conservative one just had the sentence, "The Conservative party stands for power".  I think that's probably fairly right.  The Tory party has flirted with ideology (Thatcher the most obvious example) but historically the tories haven't had many sacrificial lambs they weren't prepared to butcher on the altar of success at the ballot box.  I guess fiscally prudent, small government, individualism, low taxation and a belief in market solutions are general Conservative principles.  

    I'd agree with that but I think the traditional conservative approach is at odds with the challenges facing the world over the coming 20-50 years:

    1. Global warming

    2. Automation of jobs (unemployment)

    3. Hugh increase in the number of elderly

    4. Increased likelihood of pandemics

    All need dealing with via a wider societal approach.  A hands off approach simply wont work or certainly wont work for a lot of people.

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  14. 4 minutes ago, Francis1947 said:

    To anyone in the know, could you please confirm that the Brentford match will be on Sky Sports starting at 21.00.

    If it is, then my intention is to not tune in to Adam Blackmmore and Dave Merrington on the live Radio Solent broadcast and resist all reports of the match and then watch at 9 pm.

    Am I correct in thinking this is a most unusual thing for Sky Sports.....to show a match 75 minutes after it has started and will ,in effect, still be playing ? 

    My great worry is that I don't listen to the match on radio.....which I incidentally quite enjoy.....and then find at 9 pm that some contractual obligation prevents Sky from broadcasting the Saints match.

    First World problem I realise but as a Saints fan of over 60 years it would be a buggar to miss out after holding my nerve for 75 mins.😇

    A " What ever happened to the Likely Lads " episode comes to mind !

    That's what it's showing the Sky Sports website, very odd.  My only thought is they have Sudan vs Guinea on two channels, so one might hope they'd drop one and watch the whole of the Southampton game.  All I can suggest is checking in near the time.



  15. 1 hour ago, skintsaint said:

    doubt it, his heart isn't in the game anymore. Will retire in the summer I expect.

    Surely one of the big Middle Eastern teams will take him, big money and decent golf courses.  He seems to still have the passion for playing for Wales too.

  16. 12 minutes ago, revolution saint said:

    Personally can't see us making a "statement" signing but you never know.  Certainly can't see Eriksen - good player but doesn't fit our style of play and too many risks + wages make it seem unlikely.  If we do make a signing then I'd expect it to be another promising kid like Livramento.  That seems like a good model to pursue and if we have a bit more in terms of funds then it'll strengthen our hands in negotiations.  Broja would be superb although even now might be too expensive but I don't buy the Albania/Serbia thing - if the deal is right for both parties then it would happen.  That Angers kid maybe?  Seems like Dortmund (I think) is in negotiations but if we have the ability to go in and beat clubs like that to young talent then that's probably enough to call it a "statement". 

    The Albania/Serbia thing is probably the biggest "thing" still around in Europe, so I wouldn't rule it out as a factor.

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