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  1. From what I gather he's disliked by the knuckle dragger brexit crowd. I expect Labour have realised they're not going to win that lot back and need to build their votes around the liberally minded - be that Blairites, Boris-hating-Tories or Corbynites who appreciate that a "New Labour" is better than this cult-of-Boris government. I guess Bercow is popular with the anti-Brexit/Boris crowd that Starmer is trying to appeal to. One thing's for sure, Labour need more sharp personalities and Bercow is that, even if you don't like him.
  2. They need to make a call either way, at the moment there a just loads of ignorant youths roaming around on them. If you legalise them but with certain rules at least there would be some structure. Personally I think you should have to pass an online safety course before using one and they should be kept off the pavements.
  3. It makes for a very easy present.
  4. Doing little vids for decent money per minute is completely understandable. Better than his tin foil hat nonsense.
  5. Welbeck was pretty good for them tbf and I think you can get away with a couple of high earners. It's when you have loads of overpaid tosh like we have recently that you struggle.
  6. What worries me, is that they extended it as cases were rising under the current restrictions. Yes, increase vaccines will help but they need to go hard on things like self-isolation/big indoor meet ups in the next month or we'll be extending it another month.
  7. Jeremy Corbyn

    GB News

    Pleasantly surprised by the comments on here, I'd assumed you were all tin foil hat, culture war soldiers. I watched the first hour or so out of morbid curiosity and it was terrible, I'd thought with Andrew Neil and co that they were actually going for a right leaning, but legitimate news outlet. Instead it's a televised version of talk radio and is just a right wing echo chamber. It'll do well though as there are millions of loons who'll lap it up.
  8. Yeah, Diallo definitely isn't a destroyer. I see him as competition to JWP rather than Romeu.
  9. Not sure if mentioned, but apparently we're looking at Ryan Christie from Celtic. His contract runs out in January for some reason, so would be available very cheap.
  10. Surprised they didnt just agree to take a draw.
  11. Certainly do: Mount, Kane, Rice, Mount, Foden with our pens. Ballack skied one for them.
  12. Winners: England Runners Up: Germany Scotland get knocked out at: Groups Wales get knocked out at: Groups England get knocked out at: Don't Dark Horse (Furthest a team gets excluding England, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Portugal): Turkey Top Goalscorer: Mount UEFA Best Player: Mount UEFA Best Young Player: Mount
  13. How's he been getting on? Seemed to be a lot of enthusiasm when he joined.
  14. As an England fan, this is more frustrating than leaving JWP at home. JL was the in-form England player of the second half of the season, alongside Kane and offers something a bit different. Would have been a really useful option.
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