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  1. Whilst I agree he's ideal on the break, he's also very good running at defenders and would surely make an ideal sub against tired defenders of all types.
  2. Clearly Ralph rates him and he's strong defensively. Once his attacking matures to become more consistent he could be an excellent player.
  3. Should be on the phone encouraging it as their statement of intent.
  4. Diallo isnt a defensive midfielder though. Hes a more dynamic, positive central midfielder than we otherwise have. He's competition to JWP in the current formation.
  5. I'd have thought any other manager would realise 4-2-2-2 doesn't work for this set of players.
  6. I expect if Newcastle only started the season in January with that load of cash it would be enough to end up above this current Southampton side. Sadly.
  7. Saudis are considered allies, Iran a threat, that's the difference. Not that I agree with it all.
  8. We aren't owned by China.
  9. Newcastle about to become the richest club in the league/world. That's us down another rung.
  10. I get your point. But if you purchase a property and then live in it or rent it out for living, then it should be subject to the same rules. If you're buying it as part of a genuine business investment then that is different. I appreciate this stuff isn't easy to decipher/police but surely everyone should agree that "intentional tax avoidance" should be illegal.
  11. But definitely shouldn't be allowed.
  12. Personally think our squad suits 4-3-3 at the moment (though the JWP does impact that somewhat): McCarthy Tino Stephens (JB) Salisu Perraud Romeu JWP (Diallo) S.Armstrong Tella A.Armstrong Djenepo Allows our two attacking full backs to push forward and utilises Stuart Armstrong through the middle whilst offering reasonable cover.
  13. Premier League Era for me: Niemi KWP Svensson VVD Bridge Wanyama Davis Le Tiss Jay Rod (13/14) Lambert Ings
  14. She has more lives than a litter of cats so I wouldn't be surprised if she does find a way. But almost regardless, clearly the met needs a fresh start for a number of reasons and CD should step aside. Clearly she has some friends in high places.
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