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  1. Their main threat, by far, is the ball from Fernandes over the top for runners to either get in behind or win a penalty. I agree on man marking Fernandes and having a conservative defensive line, that should stifle them a fair bit, hopefully not also stifling us at the same time.
  2. To be honest, I just think Wolves are a very good side, they're clearly very strong defensively and we did well to create the chances that we did. The key is for that sort of performance to be at the lower end of our form, then we're well set.
  3. Ralph really seems reluctant to make subs/give Tella game time. Really flat game for Djenepo yesterday, surprised Tella didnt make it on (rather than moving theo).
  4. Thought Che was immense today. Not just the two Theo chances but regularly dropping deep and spraying it about. His hard, flat balls to the wing are excellent.
  5. It might just be me, but I always felt he was very good going forward, decent on the ball and a good cross on him but not great defensively. Always looked more comfortable in a back 5. If the Mæhle rumours are correct then that's the end of him at right back, could he be useful on the wing?
  6. Excellent news, hadn't realised he's almost coming up to the 200 game mark for us.
  7. Hiding the tree is weird. I would say getting rid of the "Southampton FC" at the top (and unhiding the tree) and then just putting S F C in the stripes at the bottom would be a decent improvement.
  8. Bear in mind most of the first team - only KWP and Adams are exempt - were part of Hughes' disaster class. So I can understand that there's objective hesitation to suddenly think we're worthy of a top 8 place. Shows the miracles Ralph has performed.
  9. He's been brilliant, but like every "unsung hero" in history, he's been plenty sung.
  10. I'm guessing from this post that you probably aren't socially orientated enough to dictate public health policy - "I'm alright init".
  11. Hopefully they say you can only go to sports events if you've taken the vaccine, that should speed things up.
  12. He's a very good defender and footballer other than his lack of pace/agility. If that's not exposed (or he doesn't expose it himself) he's always looked decent. Maybe he's adjusted and learn how to avoid getting caught out so much.
  13. Can't imagine having to see loads of spotty teens shouting mush every few seconds can help with performance, maybe our fans staying away is a good thing.
  14. 3 is fine. I would allow at least one more in extra time, maybe even two to prevent the fatigue based slog it often turns in to.
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